This past winter, Frankie Marion at C1Films began shooting a video solely devoted to barracuda flyfishing in the Keys; A) Because it hadn’t been done. And B) Because these badass fish do it all from an angler’s standpoint.

“This film showcases seven days in January—leading up to the Cuda Bowl,” Marion says. “If any of you have time, I strongly suggest you give this a shot. Load up an 11wt with clear line and see what you’re made of. I can assure you that you’ll be back every year looking for the WaterWolf.”

With crowdfunding sites delivering varying levels of cash to everything under the sky, C1Films takes the approach to the water with its “Pay What You Want” philosophy. Simply: Donate what you can here—assuming you like the film. Or, if your pockets are low on loot, just share the movie among friends. It’s a refreshing model that fuels the production of independent films that aren’t tied to corporate agendas:

The guides were paid full rate plus tip for their services, as any good guide should be. The equipment we used was used for no reason other than we wanted to use it. No logos were shot on purpose, and no corporate entity forced us to sit down at a dinner table and discuss the “wow” factor of the day as it happened. So we are asking you, people of the inter-world, to decide what this thing is worth. If you liked it and want to pay for it, feel free. How much you want to pay is up to you. We’re working on the next video now.

In addition to this story, C1Films’ recent permit feature, t.Falcatus, was a nominated for Best Saltwater film at the 10th Anniversary Flyfishing Video Awards in Orlando earlier this month.

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