Fly Fishing IndustryFly Fishing Industry NewsWestwater Products' strike indicator, the Thingamabobber.


Westwater Products' strike indicator, the Thingamabobber.

Here’s the thing, Westwater Products was recently awarded a patent by the United States Patent Office for its strike indicator the Thingamabobber™. And the thing is, the Thingamabobber is only the beginning. According to the company, which prides itself in these sorts of things, there are many more things in the works.

“I envisioned a more durable, reliable, and environmentally sound alternative to existing methods” said Thingamabobber creator Brian Westover. “I think the effectiveness of the Thingamabobber is its simplicity. It takes the hassle out of fishing with an indicator. It offers superior buoyancy, durability, and “cast-ability”.

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