Tom Bie is the founder, editor, and publisher of The Drake. He started the magazine in 1998 as an annual newsprint publication based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He then moved it to Steamboat, Colorado (1999), Boulder, Colorado (2001), and San Clemente, California (2004), as he took jobs as managing editor at Paddler, Senior Editor at Skiing, and Editor-in-Chief at Powder, respectively. Tom and The Drake are now both based in Denver, Colorado, where The Drake is finally all grows up(Swingers, 1996) to a quarterly magazine.


Vermillion is Back

  HELENA, MT—Earlier this week we learned that Livingston fishing guide, Dan Vermillion, would not receive a new four-year term as the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission’s vice chairman. Well, scratch that, yesterday the senate flip-flopped, renewing Vermillion’s standing.


Southern Culture On the Fly

  Although a 10-piece bucket of the Colonel’s finest and reruns of The Real Housewives of Atlanta are amazingly delicious, we’ve always had a sneaky suspicion southern culture ran deeper. Enter Southern Culture on the Fly’s spring preview issue—”the thaw”—filled with grit, and grits, among other tasty morsels.


Opinion: Reason to Believe

  Scott Willoughby is The Denver Post’s new outdoors editor. Evidently, covering quagmires of the day—climate change, access issues, energy development, et cetera—have stymied his cake-walk visions of weekly fishing excursions, honing his sporting clay skills, and spending more time outdoors. It’s something we can empathize with… for we, too, believe it’s time to go…


National Parks in Peril

  America houses upwards of 394 National Parks—from Alcatraz Island to Zion. And Saturday marks the beginning of National Park Week (April 16-24). According to the National Park Service, this year’s focus is “Healthy Parks, Healthy People,” highlighting connections between human and environmental health “and the vital role America’s national parks play in both.” This…

florida permit

New Permit Fishing Rules?

“They include allowing spearfishing for permit in federal waters but not in state waters, and banning South Florida anglers from keeping them during the summer spawning months. The proposals create and/or extend state rules into federal waters, where currently there are no regulations.” Source Link


Patagonia to Purchase Seaside NJ

NEW JERSEY—Patagonia Inc. recently pledged $2.3 million toward the purchase of Seaside Heights, New Jersey, as part of its Communities for Cultural Eternity initiative. “We’ve selected Seaside because we strongly believe it’s one of the final frontiers of contemporary Americana teetering on the brink of its last 15-minutes,” says company founder, Yvon Chouinard.


Opinion: Hook-And-Bullets

  Classic “hook-and-bullet” titles such as Field & Stream have graced magazine racks for more than a hundred years, successfully cultivating readerships in the million+ range. Author David Petersen explores the wrinkled genre, operating along what he points to as a “triad of how-to, where-to and product hype.” Although The Drake does not make the…


Kill Bill: Vol. HB 309

  BUTTE—When it comes to stripping stream access rights, flyfishers—generally a peaceful group—come ready to collectively throwdown. Earlier this week more than 350 Montanans swarmed the Senate Agriculture Livestock and Irrigation Committee hearing in opposition to HB 309. The bill, carried by Rep. Jeff Welborn, R-Dillon, would allow landowners to block public access to waterways diverted for…


HB 309: Last Chance to Vote NO

  MONTANA—Tomorrow, Montana’s State Senate Committee meets to decide on controversial HB 309 legislation, which could threaten recreational stream access based on what constitutes irrigation ditches vs. natural waterways. Fishing Outfitters Association of Montana (FOAM) is encouraging all interested parties—in state and out—to voice their collective concerns.