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Bahamas Hurricane Relief

Help hurricane-ravaged communities and businesses in the southern Bahamas Reports in the wake of Hurricane Joaquin have been dire, with much of the southern Bahamas seeing catastrophic destruction from the storm. Many of the southern out islands—such as Long Island, Crooked, and Cat—have immediate needs for food, water, and sewage, according to the Caribbean Disaster…

Free The Snake Flotilla

Broad coalition to rally on the lower Snake River in support of removing four deadbeat dams WAWAWAI LANDING, WA—On Saturday, Oct. 3, salmon advocates, tribal members, anglers, kayakers, outfitters, orca lovers, and business owners will join forces to rally on the Snake River and unfurl a 100-foot banner with a singular message: Free the Snake.

The Bahamas Just Wants You to Buy a License

Following the international bitchstorm that’s been brewing around the future of Bahamas flats fisheries—inclemencies mostly attributed to the Bahamas Fly Fishing Industry Association’s nationalistic grandstanding—some sensible communications have recently come to light. Last week, Tribune 242, a Nassau-based publication, reported that The Department of Marine Resources has “pretty much determined” that persons will need to pony…

Terrace Chrome

Terrace is a big-fish nerve center in northern B.C., where guide and Steelhead House owner Darren Wright mines the mighty Skeena and its tribs for annual returns of chrome. In this short film from Simms, hook up with Wright and his partner Missy MacDonald for a tour of their stellar homewaters.

Artisanal Firewood, So Hot Right Now

With recreational logging’s spike in popularity across the Pacific Northwest, it was of little surprise that purveyors of handcrafted firewood would follow suit and ignite excitement. Meet Jesse Horn, owner of Smoke & Flame, a Vancouver, B.C.-based artisanal firewood company that sells bundles of premium kindling for $1,000. Duraflame starter logs be damned. Via the…


Savage rainbows, ridiculous mousing, and home to the unsanctioned Smirnoff Olympics—Kamchatka, da! In Zhupanova, Matt Jones and Oliver White explore one of the most beautiful and scenic rivers in the region. “Its close proximity to Petropavlovsk (one hour by helicopter) and its huge rainbows make it perhaps the most popular river on the peninsula.”

Living Rivers—Surf

Living Rivers—Surf is the first of two short films highlighting one of the many unique water cultures in the American West. “In the rush of water spilling from the high mountain peaks of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, surfers are finding standing waves that move with life and never end.” Next up, Nymphing Maverick’s.

The Study of a Hall Pass

Ah, yes, the coveted fishing hall pass. Score one and enjoy temporary freedom from fulfilling girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband duties. Once expired—after a day or two… 10 days, max.—return home, mow the lawn, engage in date nights with your intolerable neighbors Steve and Barbara, and rebuild the points needed for the next exit. Here, Dustin Miller…

Bakke Wins a Sully

PORTLAND, OR—Native Fish Society (NFS) and its founder Bill Bakke were awarded the Carl R. Sullivan Fishery Conservation Award by the American Fisheries Society (AFS) in recognition of Bakke and the organization’s pioneering work in the recovery and conservation of wild, native fish across the Pacific Northwest.


Animas River Revisited

[On Aug. 5, a crew tasked by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to investigate a leak at a defunct mine near Silverton, Colorado, sent millions of gallons of toxic tailings into the Animas. The accident that turned the river into a mustard-colored media spectacle went on to cause three states and the Navajo Nation to…

Life Beyond Walls: Bighorn River

Zack, Sam, and Travis of the Montana Wild crew take their drift boats on a journey down southeast Montana’s Bighorn River, where the goal is to fish and explore a remote 50-mile stretch that cuts through the Crow Native American Reservation. Thunderstorms, rising trout, and rugged landscapes join them in their search. Via Smith Optics.


Montana’s Missouri River is beloved for its prolific insect hatches, ready-made drift-boat water, and thousands of trout per mile. But for Brian Kimmel and Adipose Boatworks’ founder Tracy Allen, the flyfishing flip-side—shallow-water carp “hoovering” bugs in the froth—is equally addictive. Via Todd Moen, at T-Motion Theater.

Run, Beer, Fish—Brilliant

Flyfishing and exercise are strange bedmates. Waving a 3-oz. rod, for instance, doesn’t require Arnold’s biceps or Lindsey Vonn’s glutes. And that fried-chicken-case-of-Miller combo from last weekend’s drift-boat session negates rock hard abs. But if you like to run and hanker for craft beer and good fishing, Andrew Todd’s Rocky Mountain Flyathlon is a Colorado-based calorie…