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Fishing with So-So

Tusheti is a mountainous nature preserve that squats on the border of Georgia and the pseudo-independent Russian state of Chechnya—far, far off the trout fishing radar. In the fall of 2012, Drake contributors Matt Hansen and Dan Armstrong traveled to the region to breath the culture and to learn a few river tricks from their…

Wild Salmon

More Wild Salmon?

Are Washington State’s wild salmon on the upswing? The short answer is yes. And no. According to salmon recovery reports data varies from one watershed to the next. But generally speaking, salmon will not be going the way of the Twinkie anytime soon, with numbers better than they were a decade ago.

Tix on Sale

Slangin’ F3T Tix

The Fly Fishing Film Tour 2013 (aka F3T) is roadtripping the country and about to hit a theatre near you, with tickets available online today and selling fast. Join The Drake and the crew at Trout’s Fly Fishing this Saturday night, Jan. 26, for the world premier at Denver’s Oriental Theatre. Beers, anyone?

President Obama and Mitt Romney argue who can drill on public lands faster.

Winter 2012: Put-In

Back in the fall, during the second presidential debate, President Obama and Mitt Romney got into a somewhat spirited exchange on the topic of energy. It began by Romney saying that “oil production is down 14 percent this year on federal land, and gas production is down nine percent. Why? Because the President cut in…

City Limits: Orlando, Florida

Where golf balls and bass live in harmony

Sneaking onto a golf course to catch a few unguarded bass is one of the most time-honored traditions in flyfishing, especially if you’re a golfer. Who among us hasn’t walked down some random Sun Belt fairway (or rough, more likely) only to peer upon a hungry four-pounder lurking in a water hazard along the way?…


Crush It

Following the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission’s barbed hook ban on the Lower Columbia and Willamette Rivers, the Native Fish Society is launching its “Crush the Barb” campaign to expand the boycott—specifically to include all Oregon streams in the Columbia basin, as well as all coastal streams.


Surface Film 3

The Greenbacks and Trout Unlimited are putting the final touches on their 3rd annual Surface Film event, showcasing top professional flyfishing photography from across the country. Framed prints will be available through a silent auction to benefit the Greenback’s work to conserve Colorado’s coldwater fisheries.


Grand Investments

Buying land in Grand Teton National Park is a spendy proposition, but one worth the bank when it comes to securing TR’s dream of conserving public lands in perpetuity… free from the hands of development. The National Park Service recently spent $16 million on the cause, acquiring 86 acres of “school trust lands” within the…


Brown Trout Rising

The New Year is a time to reflect. Get smashed and forget. And to consider the benefits of horrifying exercise to trim the post-Christmas fat. The good news is on the brink of 2013, we’re still here. And almost 130 years later so is Salmo Trutta, the badass import that outlived apocalyptic outcries from the…


Downstream Ruling Against Teck

The Columbia River below British Columbia’s Arrow lakes is a slice of tailwater that rivals Calgary’s Bow River as one of the country’s best. It’s also home to a notorious, shit-spewing polluter known as Teck Cominco (or Teck Metals Inc.). The Canadian mining company, which has for years dumped millions of tons of smelting waste…


Sacred Headwaters to Stay… Sacred

Despite growing concerns about the ill-effects of fracking, gas exploration has been booming in northern British Columbia—including Shell Canada’s controversial bid to tap into some of the province’s sacred salmon and steelhead headwaters. Drake contributor Mark Hume is reporting today that Shell is giving up its rights to shale gas in the iconic wilderness stretch…


Only the River Knows

Just when you thought your stockings were fully stuffed, dynamic filmmaking duo Peter Christensen and Rolf Nylinder of the Kokkaffe Conglomerate drop one more banger to make ’em burst. Only the River Knows takes place on New Zealand’s legendary Lethe River and chronicles trout obsessed cabin-dweller Lars Lenth through the lost-in-the-woods eyes of a young…


Last Salmon (Trailer)

The Last Salmon Forest from Detonation Studios highlights the ecological imperative of protecting two-million acres of pristine watersheds in southeast AK’s Tongass National Forest—strongholds home to five species of Pacific salmon, as well Dolly Varden, steelhead, sea-run cutts, and rainbows. The teaser is now officially official… and up on Vimeo.


Clock’s Ticking—

For those following Casting For Recovery’s annual holiday-online-autction-a-thon—with proceeds destined for its quality of life programs for breast cancer survivors across the country—you officially have two days left to get in on the bidding. Of course, featured in this year’s mix is the stellar collection of classic Atlantic Salmon flies and original art from the…


Curbing Columbia Gillnets

Oregon and Washington fish and wildlife stakeholders this week agreed on recommendations that would phase out the use of commercial gillnets by non-tribal fishers on the mainstem lower Columbia River by 2016. The move would prioritize selective recreational fisheries—offset by hatchery-bolstered commercial fisheries in off-channel areas.