Lake Effect—Part I

Chuck and Duck blogger Alex Cerveniak goes roadtripping steelhead-style this week. His mission: To fish tribs to all five Great Lakes, while cultivating epic facial hair, dining on gas station grub, and writing about all things along the way. “Part I” starts here. —Ed I’m rolling into my mid-30s and everything is going just fine. Got…



Not-So-Fictional Fiction [Brickhead originally ran in the Summer 2010 issue of The Drake. For the all new Part II, click here. —ed] QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO. HIS DOGS WERE torched. He’d forgotten to put sunscreen on his feet the day before. He had taken his wading boots off after a mile walk on the flats and just spaced it.…

BG 6pack -10

Photo: Bryan Gregson

6-Pack and Shooters: Bryan Gregson

Thanks to an armed populous wielding image-capturing devices of all calibers the “outdoors photographer” has become a dime-a-million lately. But most of us have never inhaled the intoxicating chemical fumes of a stop bath, nor spent much time wrapping our brains around the nuances of f-stops and apertures… because, quite frankly, it’s hard to find…



It’s been one of those weeks when you forget to pace yourself. You hop around, fishing a different stretch of a different river every night, chasing bugs that were supposed to be here a week earlier. You can’t take a night off, because if you do, you might miss it. The hatch lasts a couple…


Surface Film 3

[There is some irony that a blog about the best photographers in the business is shot with a busted up iphone and a lens that came out of a crackerjack box.—WR] Surface Film is a fundraising event that showcases the work of some of the best established—as well as new—flyfishing photographers in the country. The…


Global Weirdness

What winter 2013 will mean for singed fins across the country Two years ago winter delivered. Snowpack stacked at 100-, 200-, and even 300-percent levels—depending on where in the West it dumped. A year later, La Nina bitch-slapped us with one of the worst droughts in recent winter memory. These massive swings look a lot…


It’s October and that means three things: incredible fishing, purdy colors, and the veil between the world of the living and the dead is at its thinnest. Some people who believe in ghosts have a theory for the presence of the paranormal. They call it “Recordings of Past Events.” According to this theory, ghosts are…


Tequila Stuntman

Tequila (Spanish pronunciation): [teˈkila]) is a spirit made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila, in the highlands of the western Mexican state of Jalisco. “You have chosen a great bottle,” said one of the cooks from the lodge. He was stoic and serious. It was early evening…



Here lies: “Steve” the Great Lakes Steelhead, Flyfishing Badasses, Priests, and Public Access Another year of fishing is about to smash through the door. But before it does we take a moment to remember those who passed in 2011, while leaving indelible marks on our evolving flyfishing culture.