Flyshop Fridaydog in front of st pete's

Fort Collins, CO

Located in a Victorian home from the 1800’s just minutes from Drake Headquarters in downtown Fort Collins, CO, St. Pete’s Fly Shop offers a pretty distinctive environment for anglers to enjoy. The staff provides excellent customer service and advice to anglers of all skill levels. Whether it’s Grant or Jin helping you out, be assured that you will get the best advice for whatever angling needs you have.

dog in front of st pete's

st pete's fly shop

The staff’s knowledge of the local fisheries is what keeps the customers coming back for more. For each of the guys fly-fishing is a way of life and whether it is in the shop or on the river, they all enjoy passing their passion for the sport on to the visitors. The local fisheries they call home include the Cache le Poudre, North Platte, Rocky Mountain National Park, and the Encampment. Bet on getting some top-notch and extremely helpful advice.

While Grant, and Jin are great and all, the real workhorse here at St. Pete’s is Hatch, Grant’s two-year-old Golden Retriever and the official shop greeter. As soon as you open the doors of the shop the tail is wagging and from that point on you can bet Hatch is going to be your best friend. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a rod, tackle, book, movie, classes to progress your angling ability, or just someplace to go and tell some lies about the monster you pulled out yesterday, St, Pete’s will have something for you.

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