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Sante Fe, New Mexico

Contrary to popular belief, northern New Mexico has more to offer than just green chili, Southwest art, and desert. In fact, Santa Fe is located smack in the middle of some of the best fly fishing the state has to offer, and with southern Colorado only a stone’s throw away, the area has more fishing opportunities than most people realize.

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So for now, forget the culture. If you’ve had your fill of galleries, then head over to High Desert Angler, located only a few blocks from the Plaza. Thy guide trips on the Rio Grande, Chama, Pecos, and San Juan, among others, and feature the best gear from Sage, Cloudveil, Scott, Simms, SA, Rio, Umpqua, Ross, and Korkers.

I worked at a flyfishing lodge last summer just east of town, in the Santa Fe National Forest. And every week on my day off I paid a visit to Jarrett and the boys at High Desert. Whether I was going in to pick up some flies, tippet, leaders, my first-ever issue of The Drake, or just asking for advice, the guys were always helpful.

Like most shops, High Desert provides casting classes, on-the-water instruction, and full- and half-day guided trips on both public and private stretches, all within about an hour drive from the shop. So if you happen to be in Sante Fe anytime soon, stop by High Desert, get some lab lovin’, some killer gear, and some good fishing.

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