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Nestled between the rolling hills of southeastern Wisconsin, you will find a unique town called Viroqua, home to eclectic artists, organic farmers, and The Driftless Angler Fly Shop. Located a short drive from just about anywhere in the Midwest, the Driftless Angler is within striking distance of hundreds of miles of classic Heartland spring creeks.

Mat Wagner opened the shop in 2007 and on any given day you will find Mat or his wife behind the counter and one or more of their three guides out on the water. The Driftless Angler is a full service flyshop and guide service with a rentable apartment above the shop for extended-stay anglers.

The Driftless Area provides thousands of fishing opportunities. Right out the shop’s back door, there are over 63 individual spring creeks to fish. The most common two are the West Fork of the Kickapoo, and the Timber Coulee.

The Driftless Area is the unglaciated region in the Upper Midwest, covered with ancient limestone bluffs, meandering valleys, lots of springs and epic hatches such as the Hendricksons from Early April to Mid June; Hex from Mid-June to Mid-July; Light Cahill from June through August, and Tricos from July through September.

This is truly a unique and beautiful part of the Midwest, so stop by and visit Mat and experience the Driftless Area.

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