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Hoolko adds that anglers who live in a condominium in downtown San Diego can be in their boats on San Diego Bay in 10 minutes, Mission Bay in 20 minutes and at La Jolla Shores is less than 25 minutes. “And it’s really uncomplicated,” he says. “You just put your kayak on top of your car and go. There’s no boat registration and no real need for a motor, though you can put on a trolling motor if you want. Just a paddle, life jacket, license and your fishing gear.”

Though Hoolko’s events also draw a few closed-deck sea kayaks, he said the wide sit-on-tops dominate because they’re more stable and give anglers more freedom of movement. Sit-on-tops also permit easy access to storage areas and tank wells, where anglers who prefer using live bait can put a tank, complete with a circulating pump powered by a small battery.

“At fishing shows, some fishermen get a big chuckle out of seeing sit-on-tops with rod holders and a bait tank,” Hoolko says. “Then they take a closer look and start asking questions. We’ve hooked more than a few of them.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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