The beauty of SaraBella goes beyond pretty colors

Rodmaking Rose

BEFORE APRIL ARCHER cofounded Denver-based SaraBella Fishing—makers of women-specific fly rods—she’d already noticed an influx of female flyfishers to the sport. But as an angler herself, fishing since she was a toddler and flyfishing for the past 16 years, she also recognized that there was a distinct lack of women-specific gear.

Question #1

Orvis Helios 2 Hunt: Question #1 From The Drake, Fall 2012— After a whirlwind trip along the Oregon Trail, where Clyde and Tom collided with some Lake Billy Chinook smallies, the keys have now been passed to RA Beattie in Bend. How many gallons of Mirror Pond Ale would it take to fill up Clyde’s…