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Dry Fly Love Song

Filmmakers Rolf Nylinder and the frontsidefly crew are on a dry or die mission this spring. Channeling their inner Justin Biebers, Hallelujah gets remixed for the topwater masses. I heard there was a sinking fly that Peter used and it made me cry. Check it.



Mark your calendars. Saturday night is supermooning time, a drop-your-drawers phenomenon that occurs when the full moon reaches its closest approach to the earth—a distance of 221,802 miles away. The ultra bright orbit should make for some killer covert mousing opps… not to mention big tides, with 42 percent more tidal force through next week.


Montana Trout Rustling

From Mitchell Slough to the Blackfoot, Ruby and beyond, “Greed, insecurity and just plain old ‘I got mine, screw you’ bullshit…” continues to run rampant in Montana. So far the state’s ironclad Stream Access Law has waged a formidable battle against those who would like to see public access stripped for personal gain.


Judge Says, Drop Those Dams

The federal judge who presided over the court battle between Columbia River salmon advocates and hydropower supporters has made his thoughts on the matter clear, stating four controversial lower Snake River dams should be removed. During an interview for a documentary to air later this summer, U.S. District Court Judge James Redden said the government…


Pebble Mine Precedent

The Environmental Protection Agency will release its draft Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment in just a few weeks. This precedent-setting scientific assessment will likely guide decisions about large-scale mining and other industrial development in the Bristol Bay region well into the future. If the EPA determines that waste from the mine would harm the surrounding clean…


Big Oil Spills into Preservation

More than $40 million in big oil spoils have been directed toward national forest preservation, with the Land and Water Conservation Fund recently announcing its state-by-state list of land purchases spanning Alaska, California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, Tennessee, Montana, Utah, and more. The effort stems from Obama’s America’s Great Outdoors agenda, which taps into fees…


(Not So) Foreign Films

Filmmaker Rolf Nylinder of the FrontsideFly squad keeps kicking out the joints. He’s producing six shorts about flyfishing the Vindelälven River, in northern Sweden, for consecutive Monday releases starting early April. They currently don’t have any english subs… but you might enyoy them anyway.


Pulp Fly V.1

Pulp Fiction gave us the Gimp, a royale with cheese, and more creepy John Travolta dance moves. Meanwhile, Smithhammer’s new brainchild Pulp Fly brings us pulp without the paper, featuring flyfishing writers familiar to this publication and elsewhere. Bob White, Michael Gracie, Alex Landeen, Kirk Deeter, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for the V.1…


Underwater Dogs

The Drake was recently at F3T tour stops in Casper and Fort Collins. Among this year’s line-up of bulls, bones, punk rock scenesters, and arctic char, the lab vs. tarpon footage in Waterline Media’s Riding High was some funny shit. Seems the underwater dog genre is gaining teeth across the interwebs. Chopper doesn’t eat flies,…


Green River Roadshow

JACKSON, WY—TU’s “Green with Envy” roadshow launches this week, highlighting Flaming Gorge Reservoir and Green River fisheries and the potentially adverse effects of the proposed Million Pipeline. Under the proposal, 81 billion gallons of water would be diverted annually from the Reservoir and the Green River causing a domino effect of negative impacts to local…


2012 Fish Madness

The road to the final four all comes down to the fish with the most game over at Cheeky Fly Fishing’s 2012 March Madness: Road to the Final Fish. Another year of big hitters includes mako, marlin, roosters, poons, and permit, vying against underdogs of the underwater league such as snook, walleye, cobia, and carp.


Madoff’s Lady Likes Fishing

Andrew Madoff is an owner over at Abel reels. But he’s more famous for his father’s mega-million dollar con that rocked the financial world in 2008. Andrew’s significant other, Catherine Hooper, and her “disaster survival business” Black Umbrella are featured on CNNMoney this morning. Scroll down to the barracuda shot. It’s also money.


Win for Wild Elwha Steel

OLYMPIC PENINSULA—More good news for Washington State’s Elwha River. The dams have dropped, a fishing moratorium is in place, and now that vomity plan to introduce hatchery steelhead into the system has been thwarted, at least for 2012. According to the Wild Steelhead Coalition, non-native hatchery steelhead will not be released into the Elwha River…


In Guides We Trust

What makes a good guide great? The criteria is seemingly endless: everything from “ties good knots” to “makes miracles happen.” But perhaps the most important is the ability to read and adapt to people along the same lines of reading and adapting to water variables. As “troutopias” go, Montana has bred more freshwater fishing guides…


EPA Pans Water Diversion Plan

DENVER—Federal authorities raised several red flags in their analysis of a $270 million project designed to pull an additional 21,296 acre-feet of water annually from the Colorado River. Citing bad math and a downplaying of critical adverse impacts, the EPA said the project to divert more western Colorado water to feed expanding Front Range suburbs…


Win for Wild Steel

OLYMPIC PENINSULA—Washington’s Sol Duc River is set to undergo a game-changing sustainability plan, becoming the first Wild Salmonid Management Zone for steelhead as designated by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The zone covers the entire river, spanning 227 square miles—one the most productive systems for wild steelhead in the state.