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BLM Plan Limits River Access

SUMMIT COUNTY, CO—Public access to a 15-mile stretch of the Blue River, from Green Mountain Dam to the confluence with the Colorado River, could come under private ownership if the Bureau of Land Management approves its preferred draft resource management plan, grandfathering land exchanges already under way… even when properties involve river corridors. The land…


Stuff We Like: Poler Napsack

Poler is a Portland-based brand that delivers an intriguing blend of outdoor essentials for streamside slackers the world over. “It’s for people that wonder why everyone is trying to pretend they are going to do first ascents on alpine peaks instead of celebrating the fact that they are having adventures that are awesome in their…


Nuclear Fishing Report

Blinky, the three-eyed fish native to the waters near the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, has recently migrated to a toxic reservoir in Argentina’s Córdoba province. Reputed for their speed, cunning, and 20/20/20 vision, “blinkies” are also welcomed at the dinner table. Try pairing filets with virus-resistant squash and anti-cancer purple tomato chutney… and always an…


Bristol Bay Roadshow—Denver

DENVER—The Save Bristol Bay Road Show hits Denver’s Oriental Theater this Thursday, Oct. 27. The event, which includes a free screening of Felt Soul Media’s award-winning documentary Red Gold, is designed to raise awareness and build support for protecting Bristol Bay, Alaska, which is threatened by the proposed Pebble gold and copper mine.


Roadless Wilderness Rule Upheld

WASHINGTON—There are currently 49 million acres of inventoried roadless areas within America’s national forests and grasslands. Due to a recent decision by the U.S Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstating the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule, these undeveloped public lands managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture will remain pavement free and timbered for the…


Buy Quaid’s Montana Mansion

The lovable, often on the lam Randy Quaid, hands down, wins the cooler brother contest against Dennis. (Vacation’s Cousin Eddy vs. the real-life douche best known for blowing it with hottie Meg Ryan.) But Dennis Quaid might have the cooler house. (Real-life Montana mansion with flyfishing access vs. fictional camper with major plumbing problems.) 


Fishporn @ Oriental Theatre

Those fish-smut purveyors otherwise known as the Colorado Greenbacks are hosting the Colorado premier of Connect—Confluence Films newest flick—next Thursday, Oct. 20, at Denver’s Oriental Theatre. Tim Romano sent us an awesomely long press release that we mostly ignored until we got to the part about “beer and product giveaways.” So there you have it:…


Gold Diggers Vs. CA Wilderness

MONO COUNTY, CA—The Eastern Sierras are home to prime California fishing waters, including the Walker River and lakes such as Crowley, Virginia, Lundy, Mammoth, June, Bridgeport, and Twin. But in Mono County, it’s also an area with a downward spiraling tourism economy and a bright light in the form of hundreds of untapped mining claims…


AK Guide Nets Criminal Charges

GALLATIN COUNTY, MT—Alaskan fishing guide Michael P. Duby, 37, is a poacher of extraordinary photography skills—especially when it comes to taking self-incriminating images featuring a blood streak of illegal elk, deer, and antelope carcasses. For his efforts, Duby has received a suspended 20-year prison sentence, as well as $15,500 in fines and restitution. But wait,…


Elwha: Hatchery Battle Gets Heated

Dear Honorable Civil Servants: You have officially been served notice. Earlier today, the Wild Fish Conservancy, The Conservation Angler, the Federation of Fly Fishers Steelhead Committee, and the Wild Steelhead Coalition served legal notice that they would file suit against the Olympic National Park, NOAA Fisheries Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the…


Made in USA

Finally a site highlighting those companies that are keeping it homegrown in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Fuck Yeah Made in USA has a segment on L.L. Bean’s in-house boot manufacturing process, in addition to clips from New Balance, Wilson Footballs, and many more. (Although there are several noteworthy examples within the flyfishing industry not…