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Cold Blue Nights

Colorado’s Blue River through Dillon and Silverthorne is a city limits stretch complete with big rainbows, riverside outlet shopping, and a 7-Eleven across the street. The Fly Collective—a collaboration between Ivan Orsic (Yukon Goes Fishing) and Russell Schnitzer (schnitzerPHOTO)—goes covert to show a different, darker side of the scene. Just as fishy, just as cold, but entirely…


Backcountry Fly

In a game of inches the Grand Champion team of Rick Moeller and Capt. Mark Gilman of Islamorada scored big this past weekend, winning the Backcountry Fly Championship and capturing largest snook and redfish honors. Their redfish measured 26.5 inches and 27 inches alongside snook of 28 inches and 29.5 inches for a grand total…


Survey Says…

…elected officials need to get with the program. Colorado College’s recently released 2013 Western States Survey packs some compelling results, showing massive discrepancies between voter and politician views on natural resources and public lands—and the roles they play in our economy and quality of life. The poll grills 2,400 voters in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico,…


Anglers Fund

While known more for work in the rafting and kayaking community, American Rivers and its Anglers Fund initiative puts fishing and habitat preservation first. Its focus includes: blasting outdated dams, protecting rivers through Blue Trails and advocacy programs, and working with power companies to improve hydro operations—virtually all of it benefitting fishing.


Defining Fl Gamefish

Efforts to bolster conservation and management of Florida’s bonefish, tarpon, and permit fisheries are in jeopardy, with a vote due at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 13). Whether you live in Florida or you travel there to flyfish, BTT is urging all anglers to support new Sportfish and Gamefish rules…


Stream Access Rally

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—Utah Stream Access Coalition is holding a Press Conference and Rally to fight the proposed House Bill68 and to support a new bill (yet to be numbered) sponsored be Rep. Dixon M. Pitcher to offer a Compromise. It will be meeting at the Utah State Capital on Friday, February 15 at 10…


Stanford’s Dam Problem

Drake contributor Steven Hawley recently reported on Stanford University’s useless, dangerous, and longstanding Searsville Dam: an impoundment that produces no hydroelectric power. Provides no flood control and potable water benefits. Has been labeled “high-hazard” by the State of California. And stretches across San Francisquito Creek—once home to coho and chinook salmon, and still cradling a handful…


Endangered for Dinner

The meal. Lentils the color of cocoa. A piccalilli of summer beans in deep gold mustard. An emerald drizzle of pureed Turkish parsley. And, in the center of it all, a six-ounce fillet of steelhead. In a new article from Seattle Met, author Allecia Vermillion details the journey of Hoh River steelhead from tribal gillnet…


Fishing with So-So

Tusheti is a mountainous nature preserve that squats on the border of Georgia and the pseudo-independent Russian state of Chechnya—far, far off the trout fishing radar. In the fall of 2012, Drake contributors Matt Hansen and Dan Armstrong traveled to the region to breath the culture and to learn a few river tricks from their…

Wild Salmon

More Wild Salmon?

Are Washington State’s wild salmon on the upswing? The short answer is yes. And no. According to salmon recovery reports data varies from one watershed to the next. But generally speaking, salmon will not be going the way of the Twinkie anytime soon, with numbers better than they were a decade ago.

Tix on Sale

Slangin’ F3T Tix

The Fly Fishing Film Tour 2013 (aka F3T) is roadtripping the country and about to hit a theatre near you, with tickets available online today and selling fast. Join The Drake and the crew at Trout’s Fly Fishing this Saturday night, Jan. 26, for the world premier at Denver’s Oriental Theatre. Beers, anyone?


Crush It

Following the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission’s barbed hook ban on the Lower Columbia and Willamette Rivers, the Native Fish Society is launching its “Crush the Barb” campaign to expand the boycott—specifically to include all Oregon streams in the Columbia basin, as well as all coastal streams.


Surface Film 3

The Greenbacks and Trout Unlimited are putting the final touches on their 3rd annual Surface Film event, showcasing top professional flyfishing photography from across the country. Framed prints will be available through a silent auction to benefit the Greenback’s work to conserve Colorado’s coldwater fisheries.


Grand Investments

Buying land in Grand Teton National Park is a spendy proposition, but one worth the bank when it comes to securing TR’s dream of conserving public lands in perpetuity… free from the hands of development. The National Park Service recently spent $16 million on the cause, acquiring 86 acres of “school trust lands” within the…


Brown Trout Rising

The New Year is a time to reflect. Get smashed and forget. And to consider the benefits of horrifying exercise to trim the post-Christmas fat. The good news is on the brink of 2013, we’re still here. And almost 130 years later so is Salmo Trutta, the badass import that outlived apocalyptic outcries from the…


Downstream Ruling Against Teck

The Columbia River below British Columbia’s Arrow lakes is a slice of tailwater that rivals Calgary’s Bow River as one of the country’s best. It’s also home to a notorious, shit-spewing polluter known as Teck Cominco (or Teck Metals Inc.). The Canadian mining company, which has for years dumped millions of tons of smelting waste…


Sacred Headwaters to Stay… Sacred

Despite growing concerns about the ill-effects of fracking, gas exploration has been booming in northern British Columbia—including Shell Canada’s controversial bid to tap into some of the province’s sacred salmon and steelhead headwaters. Drake contributor Mark Hume is reporting today that Shell is giving up its rights to shale gas in the iconic wilderness stretch…


Only the River Knows

Just when you thought your stockings were fully stuffed, dynamic filmmaking duo Peter Christensen and Rolf Nylinder of the Kokkaffe Conglomerate drop one more banger to make ’em burst. Only the River Knows takes place on New Zealand’s legendary Lethe River and chronicles trout obsessed cabin-dweller Lars Lenth through the lost-in-the-woods eyes of a young…