Drake Magazine Photo Contest

Drake Magazine Photo Contest

Photo Contest: Tested On Animals

Theme: Tested on Animals Closing Date: June 30th, 2011 Post Submission: Message Board Sponsored by: Nautilus Reels 1st Place Prize: FWx Reel (your choice of size) Honorable Mentions: Fish with Cojones T-Shirt Rules: There are no rules, fool. But the good folks at Nautilus have provided select guidelines for those in pursuit of the prize.…

US-Canada Distributor Map

Southeast Locations

United States | Canada Alabama McCoy Outdoor Company 3498 Springhill Avenue Mobile, AL 36608 Arkansas McLellan’s Fly Shop 18 W Sunbridge Dr Fayetteville, AR 72703 Florida Apalache Outfitters 29 Avenue E Apalachicola, FL 32320 Black Fly Outfitter 11702 Beach Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32246 Flint Creek Outfitters 4414 SW College RD 910 Ocala, FL 34474 Florida…

Small Mouth Bass

Small mouth Bass

A Hoosier Welcome

Dear prospective southern Indiana resident: You would hear the hum of the dirt track four miles from your house on Friday nights. The sound would somehow travel all that way through the absurd continental humidity. It would be eighty five degrees at ten p.m. You would sit on the porch and drink beer and suffocate.


Happy Father’s Day

We all gotta start somewhere… Of all the letters we receive at The Drake, none is more common than those written by sons or daughters or grandchildren, telling us how either their dad or grandfather introduced them to the sport. You know the image: Friendly-faced, white-haired grandpa standing ankle-high in a river, helping his grandson cast. You know the…


Guide School

Saturday Wake at 11:00. Practice straight-faced recitals of: “It’s really more of a mid-day fishery.” Anyone up before 9:00 will be sequestered for remainder of week. Anyone up at 6:00 saying “Let’s go for bagels!” will be sent home immediately. Afternoon seminar: co-opting expertise—sponging off of your buddy’s success stories. Extra workshop: Motivational Flyfishing with…


The Notorious PMD

Ain’t no dun like a pale morning dun, dog! Whadup, yo! Thought I’d drop in and give you a little lesson on His Paleness. I’m hatchin’ my ass off from now till Rocktober, so I’d suggest packin’ plenty of me into that gay chest pack of yours—‘specially out West. West is the best, beeyotch!


Introducing Satire

Re: Drake Management Restructuring We received reams of mail regarding the “Drake Management Restructuring” satire piece in the current issue. For the record, what you hold in your hands is NOT the last print edition of The Drake. The 17th issue, Spring/Summer 2010, will in fact be our largest print issue to date—a testament to…