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Working with fire as both vocation and avocation has given the author a unique perspective on its power. A tale of fire and water, both heartbreaking and inspiring.
Story by Jimmy Watts and photos by Carson Artac

Miskito Machinations
Traveling by small boat, off the coast of northern Nicaragua and southern Honduras, can be treacherous. Luckily, the fishing payoff is only 27 short hours away.
Story and photos by Nick Price

Some Headwaters
In 1983, David James Duncan’s novel, The River Why, became available for flyfishers to read. After that, nothing was ever the same. A profile of the man who wrote it.
Story by Chris Dombrowski and photos by Chris La Tray

Eggs in Your Beer
Twenty years ago this summer, the writer and a friend discovered Montana. A look back on a memorable time in flyfishing, and a significant float trip on the Bighorn.
Story by Dave Zoby and photos by Tim Romano

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