TroutHunter… Updated

Last Chance, ID [Last Friday we posted a short piece on Last Chance, Idaho, flyshop, The TroutHunter. Co-owner Jon “The Animal” Stiehl joins us today, filling you in on the dirt: High times, low times, drunken A-Bar debates, scraps with reps and the establishment, Idaho gun love, and Rene Harrop’s penchant for Natty Lite. Enjoy.  —GM]


More Evidence: Artists are Annoying

Since Colorado’s rivers are clearly such heinous eyesores, it’s refreshing to know that genius Bulgarian “artist” Christo has some big beautification plans. Christo’s “Over the River” project targets the tragically ugly Arkansas River, and would suspend almost 7 tons of translucent, polypropylene-fabric panels across 6 miles as it courses through Bighorn Sheep Canyon, parallel to U.S.…