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By fishskibum
its a bycatch thing
your thread
im just poopin it up my style
feel free to puts the poops in it or git on or off the the pots
and make it whatcha want
got the grin and bear it on again monday
waters still comin up
vis is down
algae blooming
poops still present

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By Long Haired Dave
You can go carpin in TX in January, but it ain't as good so I've been studio carpin
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By fishskibum
ya cans go poopins in utardia in the winter
but the greatest snow on earths aint gonna make it easy
i puts one on me skis to remind me winters just a season
and lifestyles are just how we choose to live our lifes
got out in dec to add to my 10k of muskie castins
nice thing about that res
they quit chargin 20 bucks to launch after oct and the throttle monkey power squad puts their shit away
and bout 10am after a few hours of throwin wet socks to fish i aint even seen
the poopers show up and play
is it spring yet?
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