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By Redchaser

I feel fortunate that I've had the pleasure of developing a lot of great friendships as the result of this stupid forum. One of the best friendships that has grown out of it is with Lurgee, and now also with his son Max. This past Saturday Lurgee and Max drove over from H town to go chase redfish. All of these pictures are ones that Lurgee took and sent to me, I stoled them.

Lurgee and Max got in Friday afternoon so we met up for supper, then early to bed and I picked them up Saturday morning. We made a bit of a drive and boat run that took almost as long as the drive to find ourselves in some beautiful marsh.

First stop wasn't holding many fish, but Max still managed to find one and get it in the boat.
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I've had the good fortune to fish with Max a number of times. The kid is a really good angler. The last time I had fished with him was in January. Between January and Saturday his casting has improved a lot, which he attributes to practicing almost daily (a lot of grown ups could learn from that). But in addition to his fine casting, Max sees fish better than almost anyone I've been in a boat with. Fish number one, Max spotted it, had a cast out and was feeding the fish before he even let us know he was on one.
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The fly in the fish's mouth was tied by Max's friend Rex. A young kid that's as hooked on fly fishing as Max , he tied some salty flies and sent them to Max. They worked, we all tried them.

We made a move to another pond that was slightly deeper, we worked a bank that had widgeon grass and clear water. The fish were there. They weren't being super cooperative and we had to work for them. I caught a fish and Lurgee soon followed up.
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Max tried his hand a poling for a while, his first attempt. He needs practice, but he'll get there...he better if he wants to keep getting invited. In addition to redfish we were seeing a lot of really big alligator gar, in fact we saw a Gorgy. A whole bunch of really big gar daisy chaining and doing the nasty in about 18 inches of water. Those weren't interested in eating but others were. We had a number of gar eats, but we never made much effort to make a hook set. Max got another red
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I was back on the front of the boat and Lurgee was pushing me into a small, very shallow cove. I looked up and saw a HUGE red shape back up in about a foot of water, it looked like someone had painted the USS Nautilus red and dropped it in a swimming pool. First cast was good but the fish ignored my fly, I got the fly in front of the fish again and he very casually ate it, not aggressive at all. I set the hook and the fish made a slow pass right by the boat, it was a bull that was at least 25 pounds maybe pushing 30, it had no business being up in this shallow backwater. The fish finally woke up and made a long run, I worked him back close to the boat and he took off again. These backwater ponds are thick with grass, as the fish would run the fly line would get drug through the grass, changing directions of the pull on the hook and building up several pounds of grass on the line. When I finally had the big fish beat and was reeling it in steadily, the hook pulled. Damn it Kevin.

We made a move to another pond. By this time the tide was just starting to trickle in and that moving water woke the fish up. There was a short span where one of us would get on the front of the boat, get a shot within a minute, make a single cast and have a fish on. For a while if the fly landed anywhere near a fish they garbaged it.
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Happily this picture shows that I've recently reduced the number of chins that I have.
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As the water rose the bite turned off as quick as it had turned on, the water muddied and the fish pretty much disappeared. We made the run back in. Lurgee and Max stayed in Louisiana for another night and joined me for a little live music. Lost Bayou Ramblers with a unique brand of "Cosmic Cajun", sort of Greatful Dead meets The Clash meets Beausoleil .
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Thanks for coming over guys, I hope we get back in a boat together soon.
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By LA Fly Guy
Lost Bayou Ramblers and Redfish? I'm not sure if it can get better than that.

Fine job, all.
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By woolly bugger
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By Lurgee
Hey Ron!!! Awesome day!!!
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By fatman
Redchaser wrote: Fri Jun 03, 2022 10:01 am Damn it Kevin.
hehehe. Strong work, gents.

Red needs a snadwich :smile
By chadroc
this fucking place sucks.

I blew off all chores and spent a half an hour over here for shits and giggles. good work Ron, really cool to see this. someday you may put me on my first redfish.

nostalgia. I rigged up a old FF605 from 1976, when I was one. sweet little rod. I tied on the old mink leach and now I'm heading down on my local. yeah, well, I went fishin.

thanks Ron. and lurgee folk.
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