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By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
The road to my place crosses the river. Prior to the bridge is a small culvert where a tiny spring goes beneath the road. Behind the culvert, the spring has dug a small depression, maybe 20'x30'.

Sometime during high water last year, a few trout - 4, I think - made it into this culvert 'pond' up the trickle that can take on some river water at a certain height in runoff. A couple have gotten to fair size - 18" - since the pond is spring water, staying a consistent temperature all year. I like to stop as I go over the culvert and watch them cruise around, sometimes sipping bugs as I watch.

Today, there were 3 - apparently hard up to be feeling the need to fish a culvert - brosephs with their truck pulled off the road rigging up rods to fish the culvert.

Maybe it shouldnt piss me off, but it did even tho its (probably?) perfectly legal.
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By Lando
Culvert fishing could be a new video topic.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
I wouldnt be surprised. I have seen a drone flying over the river filming someone fishing more than once. Culvert fishing could be the new thing.

Speaking of videos, I fished with Sheb the weekend before last. We were doing some reminiscing about one of the Rustbelt trips and recalling a certain 'fun' video. Good times.
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