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Its been noted here that newbies sometimes get a rough treatment. Here is one response, written by Old Dog, that might help those thinking of making their first post understand a little bit about this place. After you read this take a moment (or two or three) and look around and get a sense of this place. If you're still interested make your intro and join the fray. —Jed

"This is the Drake Message Board. It is not the Drake Magazine. Tom Bie is the editor of The Drake Magazine, and this is his website, but Tom lets this message board run by a different set of rules, it is not your typical fly fishing message board, and not for the faint of heart. If you want to tell Tom how much you like the magazine, send him an e-mail, don't post here.

This is not your local fly shop. This is the fly shop an hour after it closes. The sports are gone and the whiskey’s been opened for a while. There may even be a bong making the rounds. These guys are either blowing off steam from the day or getting ready to hit the water tonight. Either way, don’t expect to just walk in and be welcomed with open arms. You can put up a trip report or something to show them what you got, or you can just sit and listen, you might learn something. But you can’t expect someone to pass you the pipe when they don’t know anything about you.

Imagine you and three friends are on a two day float. The two guys who own the boats, rowed all day, reminded you how to cast, unknotted your leader, and put you on fish were recommended by a local. They probably don’t have a web page and surely don’t keep a twitter updated, they fish. When you make camp, they have their own tent and fire. This board is their fire. Don’t pull up a seat unless you’re invited to stay. You may see and hear things you don’t want to hear, and it may not be about fishing at all.

At the Drake, don’t let your kids or your girlfriend open the owner’s gear locker on the boat. They won’t find the latest issue of Fly Fishing magazine; they are likely to find an old Penthouse and some beer.
There are decades of experience here on the Drake board. If you want to learn something, pull up a chair and listen! Use the search button or read the original version of the AK Chronicles. Do not just jump in and expect them to give you the last cold beer.

This board is a dysfunctional family of brothers, cousins, and uncles (with a few sisters and aunts). Who else would drive 10 hours to fish where they have never been with a half dozen guys they don’t know. Even offer to pick up someone they have never met to go along for the ride. It’s an obsession with fly fishing and its mutual respect. Some of these folks have been on this board since it ran so slow you could log on, light a cigar and get a beer before the damn thing loaded. You had to survive long enough to make 50 posts before they would let you have an avatar.
When you think you are ready, put together a trip report and introduce yourself with pictures, and through in some BP&P to entertain the crowd. Don’t try to impress anyone with your words until you’ve brought something to share at the fire." —Old Dog


Current Policies are No Racism, No T&A, No Spam.

We’re damn tired of removing T&A pics from people who think it’s funny to create false work for us, so here’s the policy:

• If a member posts T&A, then they get suspended for 7 days.
• Upon the second occurrence, their account will be deleted.
• If they come back and do it again, we’ll ban their ip(s).
• First-time posters have a free past with T&A. we don’t want to change the established process.

We work hard for little or no pay to keep this place going. We try to kill spam wherever we see it. If you see any, let us know. If we don't respond in 24 hours, PM me and I'll track it down. We do what we can but we miss things. Our job is to kill those accounts and clean stuff up. Your job is to help us identify it. Nobody reads every post. We need your help. Thanks.

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