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By The Po Thead
It’s finally spring in southeast Alaska.

We all know what that means…





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By austrotard
if you look close you can see salmon.
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my mates are funny as old fuck retards, hey.
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By sarmulminnow
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Lakes are opening up in the neighborhood
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By Lando
Go punch Vinnie for me.
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By The Wandering Blues
I volunteered for AWOL Angler on Friday, teaching stillwater techniques to veterans. Original plan was to hit a moving water that’s in it’s prime right now, but the largest fire burning in the US a had us doing a pivot.
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We spent the morning on a put-n-take in the foothills and all the guys got on fish while learning a variety of techniques- from Nymphing to stripping small leeches. While the stockers might not be genuine, the smiles were.
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And best of all, without the worry of a righteous hike in and out of a canyon, I was able to sling up a combination of teriyaki bluefin and citrus Baja Style fish tacos for the guys at the end of the session. Not gonna lie- spending time in the service of these guys has been really meaningful.
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By fallen513
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