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By Average Joe
Got a text from Spicytuna last week, inviting me to chase stripers on his new pontoon boat.
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His buddy Andrew was the hot rod of the day.
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I managed to fool a couple as well.
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Tuna was even kind enough to bring us all burritos.
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Bill, our mascot.
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Weird kind of shit you always see on the delta.
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It was a great day, and without a doubt the most comfortable boat I’ve ever fished from.

Cheers boys.
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By fatman
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By McH
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By stillsteamin
I love to hate pontoons. Fucking Travis's dad, Big Mike, has one for walleye fishing. I'll sit on it sullenly, supremely comfortable and happy, repeatedly repeating that I hate pontoon boats.

Midwestern atrocities, like cheese casserole, which, of course, I also love hate.
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