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Saw the chicken again today. Fed her, just because. I’ll check on her again in a few more days. She is out hunting and I think she has killed and eaten in the past 4 days since release. She’ll get more wild by the day — she was hyper alert on her chow today, so I’d guess she has had some experiences. Was nice to see her still kicking., at least.
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as a skibum I found this article interesting ... the-nation
bout 99 the brotherhood came to solitude
i members the rental shop became a soul train dance James brown studio were were givin free rentals out by 3 so they could have an hour to ski and skip the cashiers line
partied till the 420
am bishes
the govs herbie the lame duck bug err has closed the state parks to non residents yet left golf courses open to everyone :bullshit
looks like the marinas at powell are done yet swimming and "shore based water recreations" still allowed means
shits crazy sums sjmw's would haz me believe by not staying at home and choosing to try to safely exercise and recreate on waters akin to killin all their grammies with dementia livin in homes and am gonna rot in hell
while they stand in lemmin lines at wally world and Costco for "essentails" to go home and essentially watch news media
which is a real low essential for me
fuck it im goin fishins
dutch john browns park drakian bunker mission gots postponed
threw in on fed land ive taken to fishing in salad suit bdus they got my name on em and it reminds me I took an oath for the rights be smart or stupid as that could sound both to you
with the mr toaster cat ive spent the last couple decades of doin bum things with and the blacks and whites bit not mullato god
fed wild life officer pulled in as we were launching and proceeded to go about his business of changing the weather worn no fires campin or ohv travel only acknowledging the family bait dunkin and my thank you sir with a nod
first float on this river had scoped it the week before
legally can only launch from this 1 ramp afaik haven't explored upstream options above yet
so we rowed up
fkna nice day
rowed up past the local duck whackers club
limited vis unlimited silt muck bottom
nuffs breachers and poofs of muck trail to let us know theirs targets
rowed up a few miles rolled the 420 in the skin and headed downstream
usual poopers stuffs saw sum, spooked sum, puts it where its needs to be and refuseals thumping lurkers on the head with the sticks blades
nuffs wind and riffle chop to bring mur suk
finally the toaster puts it in the vacuums range and gits sucked tight
I don't quantify im blessed to haz as much time to fuck off poopfishin as I do and haz caught a few
so finally seeing the dude who rowed you into a few had shots and hook ups but had never puts a dome headed poop pig into the nets better than me gittin em
Still kicking. Had fresh blood splotches on her chest and a small crop. She couldn’t finish the food I gave her, no room. It’s good to see her doing well. I’ll see if she is around and feed her again after the weekend snow storms, then maybe once more next week. She is gunna be fine, she is providing for herself. Feels good.
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Lando wrote: Mon Apr 06, 2020 8:11 pm I got a line in a new grass poopfish lake...I’m happy.
so now I'll just grab your fucking elbow with my hand and shake it, you henny penny fuckface.

isn't it funny how the most paranoid never left their houses anyway?
you know, the ones that know all about star wars and twatting spiderman.

must be a magical land where this occurs...

Was watching/listening to that kind of shit some sort of punishment whilst you were in prison?

Never mind.

The people where I live are still hoarding food they don't know how to cook.

Food that they'll throw away once this is over.

Thankfully, booze and cigars are still plentiful.

As such, my daily routine hasn't really changed.
It took people here a couple weeks to figure out they don't like rice and beans. Dry beans take HOW long to cook? Don't know how the mesicans have that sort of time, what with being busy committing crimes and using up all the free healthcare. Then they all figured out the restaurants still delivered and that was that.
I think the most remote city in the world is going to start lifting... we'll call them precautions.

I need you to know that I haven't followed any of them that aren't forced. for example, I haven't been able to hit the oirish or the snooks.
but I've seen agreeable people at their homes, met lads in the park for beers (I know... so ducking gay) and had secret meetings with other like-minded individuals...

and in these times there's quite a few more individuals that wanna be like mike.
and right now right mike is all right.

fuck china. I already knew how to wash my fucking hands.
Do people even listen to this stuff?
Sounds like a black version of bubblegum music.
Bring back Miles Davis, Trane, Lady Day, the Prez.
Went to the library here, checked out a bunch of CDs, Pat Metheny, Ella, etc. for a week, then the libraries closed and won't reopen for another couple of months probably. Wish I'd checked out more.
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