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By 421sd
fatman wrote: Thu Jan 24, 2019 6:10 pm favorite version of Choctaw

"likes that money, he don't mind the smell"
"....I wanna get between em, with a great big-ol hard-on, like a ol' Bois D'Arc fencepost...."

Love the sound of that 12-string. :smile
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By 421sd
[quote=mendthatshit87 post_id=692397 time=1549489040 user_id=3529]


Dig it. :cool Foals is nice too.
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By CC Riebeeck
[quote=421sd post_id=695616 time=1568926922 user_id=18356]
RIP Ric Ocasek. Pour a sip if you like.



Fun was had, as were girls...
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By 421sd
Rip Steve Cash, couple weeks back. Founding member and integral cog right up to the end. Worked with his sister (kinda) back in my journalism days. I was fortunate to see them play a couple of times. Always loved em, always will. Our homegrown. Pour a pour. I've already poured several.

Songs he wrote and/or sang lead:

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