kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
a 14 hour film involving 11 hours of me just staring at it.
...high, tired, confused and trying to remember past adventures on the lam with the cc.
I could win the turner with something like that.

next time I'll include a tale with each step from the beginning.
this way I shall have a finished piece and a tome of bullshit, as nasty 'yard referred to it.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with chess boxing.
so, yeah... something like that, hey.

next time.
austrotard wrote:
next time I'll include a tale with each step from the beginning.
this way I shall have a finished piece and a tome of bullshit, as nasty 'yard referred to it.
next time.
Would you prefer I be more kindler and gentler? :cheer
it was around the time brendan behan had finally done himself in with drink.
we had been shooting marbles and he had taken my taw, the bastard.

"hey, mate. if a two dimensional object is a drawing, what's one dimensional?" I asked, drawing in the sand.
'a simpleton's idea' he said 'and you're right... two dimensions is basically a drawing.'
"three dimensional?"
'an object in your hand perhaps, you can see width, height and depth. look at that building...'
'that's three dimensional.'

I paused while he lit one of his da's rothmans.

''is there such a thing as four dimensional?'' I asked.
'I feel there is...' he answered, and then added 'it's being able to see your face from the inside. can you do that? see your face in reverse?'
"I think so.. so four dimensions is seeing things from the inside. gas."
'well come on then, lad... I know what's coming.'

I smiled, knowing that this was challenging him... even if he was making this up as he went along.

"fi-i-i-ive dimensional?" I sang.
'that is being able to see from the inside from every angle... outside as well. 360° from every angle. everywhere.'

it started to rain. I didn't have my wellies and I'd soon be in trouble.
not much point in going home then.

"so I guess that's it then." I said "it stops at five... no sixth dimension.''

'not today, feen' the cc sang back at me as he tussled my hair and pushed me into a puddle 'for there are no wee ants to be seen.'

that should answer all questions.
Nobody in their right might would have thought the lemon peeler to have remained at the scene…"have no interest in a Barton St. repose, for that matter, it will give that Flexcut shite a run for its' money matey…might even regain some of that former glory--you know, when I won that medal--and whittle myself up a fancy trompe l'oeil frame or some shit."

"It will warp," I thought to myself, but imagined with ball-bouncing delight the day of his anagnorisis.
I have an eye for error, though I don't carve myself…"ogee" you said, "yeah…ooohhh-geeeeee, fucked it up again" I say.
Euripides himself would be delighted…

I didn't bother looking back at the crowd that was beginning to gather after the dust-up at the Cork, I had unfinished business myself after all. We had decided earlier that year to leave CREW to their unctuous disposition. Cha d’dhùin doras nach d’fhosgail doras.

We walked through the damp, darkness with intent, while on the horizon the coke push painted the sky with its' red-orange glow.
I feel Shonneys' hard stare falling on the side of my face…"and?" I said, without looking at him, "you know damn well I have a mind to fix that miserable Velcro-strapped-shoe cunt and his Unicorn Brony sidekick…"

"Could never figure out their disconsolate twist" you said…
"And it's our job to provide the salve for their childish inadequacies and self-loathing!!!??? Surely you jest?" I bellowed.
"There isn't enough heron in the world to palliate this. And for that matter, never found myself in the thrall of those autoerotic clever cunts…clever is worth a ha'penny…"

"There's a little diner on Victoria North we can detour for a coffee…give me a chance to wash the remaining blood from my hands" you say as a matter of course.
"Yeah, I know it…it's where my dad and used to stop for our morning before work…that was the time of my life, with the old sailor…"

"By the way" you continue, "you picked up your post recently?"

I just looked down at my boots…diversion…"I'm stitching velum…and balancing morphine."

"I should have been killed at the Riverside that night when the Iron Hogs came in to mete out some revenge…but you and I have an uncanny mastery staying out of nick Shonney. Crowbar, Riverside, Pump, the Gown, the Cork…a fine lexicon…n'est pas?"

"Books lead to more books see, fine velum stitched together like an undoing, illuminated codex…the only book we will never read is the elegy to our mis-adventures…so you see, no such thing as a last job…it's all a piss up, and south of the border their house is burning (again) and they bring water pistols…"

He's silent for a moment, as I hand him a fag, my gaze still on the horizon…Shonney produces a pack of matches, this time with a reproduction of Boticelli's La Prima Vera on one side and an advertisement for grow your own sea monkeys on the obverse. He's a pisser for sure. "Hmmmm" he remarks, "birds of a feather mate, lets peel us some lemons and limes."

"Ants" I say…

We walk the railroad tracks…Tuscany drifting through our thoughts…back through Gage, and we're all in.

"So it's spalt…all the way down then" you say with a twinkle in your eye…

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I have a sudden urge to start farming sea monkeys....
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