All threads that bitch about new, existing, or old members will be posted/relocated here. Keep this shit off the General forum, because no one wants (or cares) to hear your opinions. Now go back to the other forums and post something worthy of reading.
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By flyfisheraa573
SLSS wrote: ....there are a lot of places to fuck around on the Drake. This thread isn't it. Read it from the beginning.


Keep up the good work, and reports!
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[report]Just as you start feeling like you are getting a handle on spey casting, it comes apart. The anchor tears loose, almost always from moving too fast. I've been watching some tapes, starting to figure out how to analyze it myself.

Stop and take a break. Have a sip with Ryan. Tie on something a little styl-ie.
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Get back to it. Feed a little line. Lift, sweep, let the anchor set, and fire it off. Nice. That's what I'm after. Don't get in a hurry. Feel the rhythm of it. Take a step. Lift, sweep, set, then fire. Peace.

A half dozen casts into the run, the water is just clear enough to see a shelf on the far side, a shadow really. Relax, take it slow, launch slow and smooth. The fly drops about six inches onto the shelf and starts to swing. Six or eight feet into the swing it's out of site, and must be about to drop over the edge of the shelf. There's a heavy swirl, the line comes tight, and the water explodes. A bright missile cartwheels out of the water, tears to the middle of the river and comes out again. Then again, end over end.

And is gone.

Holy shit.

My ass was kicked before I was in the game.

That's what I love about steelhead.

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By Ramcatt
the cartwheels are truly unexplainable...

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Like there's too much energy to fit in the fish.

Far and away the hottest fish I've hooked out of Erie since they changed the stocking program.
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By jerome
killing me... being stuck local last few weeks has been a good time,but has also sucked,my minds been on other rivers, swinging flies and chrome.

Got the part I needed for the truck today, hoping to pull off one more trip in next week or so... depending on weather,etc.

By Kylemc
keep at it fellas :cool
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By jerome
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Early today, The yellow dog and I made our way over the pass and got to fish a great winter "hatch" on my favorite river.

Nothing poetic, nothing fancy, just getting out in the fucking cold and fishing......

and catching.

I will do it at least once a year in memory of the OC....

and to piss off Salmo, which we all know Ryan would approve of.

I could not think of a more appropriate place to post this.

A few break offs, a few pics snapped of the photogenic,

and a damn good time for the southern freaker.

Idaho Gold For the Whores......












and a little yellow dog, I dont think I posted....

Catching fish..... that is all....[/report]
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By shunned
I find it really hard to piss off salmo.

this thread is the diamond in the septic tank.
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By jerome
cougarcockburn wrote:keep the faith brother :cool
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By Ollie
I was just wondering how long it takes to catch a fish. I know there is a lot of people waiting to catch a fish with that rod. Maybe Shunned is a bettere fisherman as it only took him a while to get in the game.

Just kidding I just like to read the stories about how people are doing.

Mom and Dad
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Ollie wrote:I was just wondering how long it takes to catch a fish.
I never really doubted where Ryan got the ass-kickin attitude from- though I suspect he got a dose from Mom as well. :cool

Mitch only had to use one hand, takes twice as long with two.

Still, maybe time to wake somebody up- C'mon J, catch a damn fish!!! :gun
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