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By austrotard
if I sat you down in front of me and asked you to explain what the fuck it is you think you are doing you'd stare at the floor and say 'yeah. I know... it's just that I'm so angry.'

and I would say "all right. now stop being fucking queer."

I don't care what your mummy told you when you were little, you don't need to be heard. if you were that important you'd be quiet.
no one cares anyway.
and you've known this for a year. you made absolutely no fucking difference at all. 365+ days pissed up the wall.
besides, there's 150 million assholes on the fb (who can't spell for shit) doing it for you.

if you're enriching your life with likes it shows how insignificant you really are.
a blip and no more. dust in the wind. the shit on my shoe.

and if you're wondering what folk in other countries think I'll happily tell you.

we see one half making the rules as they go along and the other half kicking and screaming like snotty bastard children.
we get footage of people being interviewed by someone who yells over the top of them. you may call it the news. and you're wrong.
we see uneducated people being interviewed to represent the gop. look, mate... we know that's not them. they're mentally retarded.
we see educated people yelling their fucking heads off at no one; or mostly each other between chest bumps.

we're embarrassed for you.
and the kicking and the fuss isn't helping your cause. not in the slightest.

ask yourself this:

do you enjoy being the laughing stock at the party?
then show yourself some fucking grace. preferably without all the swearing.

yours sincerely,
sooo much better than you, hey

spoiler alert: if this upsets you, it should. and therefore, I win. again.
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By Ginseng Sullivan
Tell us oh Oz the Gweat and Tewwible

Politics is full of Cunts. Your country(ies?) no better. Trudeau and the Torries are in pretty much the exact same condition, though reversed. Don't deny they're your people either. How about the Great UK? Leaving their world to strike a "new" path between the icebergs? Wanting to team up with Our Great Leader to save their Economy? Good luck with that one. Can't even actually form a government? You glass house, handful of rocks motherfucker you.

Face it we're all fucked ants and you're just as pissed you're one too.
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By austrotard
you forgot to mention trump.
play properly.

[/shakes empty jar]

disclaimer: I belong to no country any longer. my vote is non-registered any and everyfuckingwhere.

therefore: I sit alone on my hill. fuck youse guys.
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By fishskibum
id be way mur worried bout poopfish with herps
than the moran messiah potwat cheetos
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By pbrstreetgang
Mitch - you sound all ghey again. trump

fuck your hill
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By befuddled
Fuck off Shaun, we are going to have a Space Force!
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By CC Riebeeck
Nick...never mind
Tend to your own backyard. I've been told as much, so I don't care...

And Shonny fuck your empathy...I'm (we're) not embarrassed for anyone, they should be digging foxholes out of embarrassment.
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By austrotard
befuddled wrote: Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:36 am Fuck off Shaun, we are going to have a Space Force!
well it'll give you a use for all your cadets, hey.

thank you for your service!
remind me to clap at the airport.

"well at this point of my journey..."
oh, shut the fuck up.
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