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By austrotard
and that's how you successfully start a fucking riot.
gotta love this guy.

"I don't have any use for either of youse fucks so go on... kill each other."

and if you don't believe me you can look it up.
By ChernSlimeRagu
Finally a President that supports the Jewish position in the Middle East. It also had helped defund the UN. Win-Win.
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By austrotard
yeah. you can really tell he likes the chosen people.

dude, do you even maths?

By ChernSlimeRagu
I'm not a Snowflake, so I'm not sure what the Biq Shaq is talking about. I'm more of an REO Speedwagon sort of guy.
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By Trucha Del Mar
ChernSlimeRagu wrote: Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:14 pm I'm more of an REO Speedwagon sort of guy.
Not shocking at all.
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By Wingnut
Mitchy, your lot now has the Nazi party in your Government, eh. You're next to start exchanging for Rubles......
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By austrotard
sounds about right. our north is like your south... awesome.
and we don't knock down their statues or capture their flag.

when engerland is your mum you kinda learn your lessons early. amirite?
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Not me, I assure you.

In defense(defence) of peace, I am listening to the Beach Boys, and holy shit, are they good.

Here's my theory, the beastie boys came up with their name because of the battling titans - Beatles vs. Beach Boys.

All in all, fucking incredibly moving songwriting by Bwian Wirson, while Dennis knew how to party with the fringe.


Dennis Wilson lived the life I wish I had. Died drunk diving off a dock for missing jewelry from his yacht, after being forced to sell it for coin.

...and they celebrate fucking Buddy Holly, not to mention the fucking Big Bopper. Fucking nerds, I say.
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By yard4sale
Beach boys, the original boy band
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