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By root wad
Wonder if commander shitstain is going to put this authentic Time Magazine cover on the wall at Mar-A-Lago where he formerly put the fake one. I always thought of myself as aligned more with republican philosophies but how his supporters excuse and then justify his self-serving arrogance is a concept I will never comprehend.
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Repubs started going down the rabbithole when caribou barbie was dubbed "viable".....a fuck up even McCain now admits and regrets.

Then came the Murican Taliban movement...tea my ass.

Which allowed this pathetic excuse for humanity and his stockholm syndrome family to come in.


And dont give that cunt Melania off the hook....nuthin like wearin a jacket with the wording painted in large letters "I dont really care, do u?....
....on her way to the concentration camps the fascists set up....

Way to teach values, morales and empathy trumpinistas.... :bullshit :coffee
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By austrotard
yeah. I don't fucking care about time magazine, hey.
or people left at a border.

I mean, who does?
surely not the people giving youse the needle everyfuckingday of your lives.

but a picture and some name calling sorts the day's chores.
well done, merka.
very effective.

you've another six years of this shit before your uber intelligent country votes in kanye.

a powerhouse nation.
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By root wad
Why is it that some people always try to act like they are whole a lot smarter on the innertubes than they actually are in person? Just asking for a friend.
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By austrotard
lest we forget the really tough ones as well.

and the ones that just care sooo much it hurts.

and the ones who think the innernets are deadly weapons.

and the ones who think you can fill a bathtub to the brim and then invite mates to jump in.

and the ones that never do anything except whine like little fucking snot-faced babies.

never forget!

your president's a fucking idiot. we get it.
unfortunately some of you lot are still processing it.

are these the ones you're referring to? because now that statement makes a lot of fucking sense.
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By yard4sale
Sweeeeeet! We got rid of Pruit. Talk about winning.

Wait, his replacement is a coal lobbyist?

Makes me think we are better off with Trumpsterfire running the show over Pence. At least his incompetence keeps him from doing any bigger damage. #twomoreyears
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By austrotard
here's a song I wrote for sepps...

in regards in regards in regards,
in regards, in regards,
in regards in regards in regards,
in regards, in regards,
in regards in regards in regards... in regards... in regards!

youse sound like fucking retards.

in regards!

sing along.
you know the fucking words off(?) by heart.

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