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By blumpkin
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By Lando
The fucker won’t last a winter.....
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By fatman
what's the over/under that Lando fucks KimK before this is over?
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By mitch aka 2 fish
I recently watched a painful interview between him and letterman.
'twas nice to see letterman still playing to the crowd. each-way bet kowtowing motherfucker.

reminded me why I stopped watching sepps shit.
so I've taken to watching seals bark instead.

ark ark ark.
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By yard4sale
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By BigTimber
fatman wrote: Tue Sep 24, 2019 3:21 pm what's the over/under that Lando fucks KimK before this is over?
my money's on Hagen.
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By BigTimber
He bought another one near Greybull. ... ember-18-1

Typical uber-rich out of stater coming in to try and take over and push their agendas on the residents. Happens in every rocky mountain state. Seller's are partly to blame, but when you can't pay for the ever escalating property taxes and someone's waving that much money in front of your face, I'd probably do the same. Wyoming's taken a good first step at blocking his ampitheater. Hopefully the resistance will continue.

Anyone ever see that one southpark episode that kind of reminds me of this? Will Smith and his family moves in to SP to get away from all the LA bullshit and then all of their "friends" follow them. At the end all the residents dress up as "ghosts" and scare all of them away. :)

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