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By BigTimber
people are actually buying Cheeky reels? enough so they have money to buy Tibor? FML

those white Tibors will go great with those white sunglasses the dutch are always wearing.
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By flashback
The Billy Pate reel is nice as long as you don't need to change spools or crank hand, but I can't get used to the need for the weird colors of these reels.
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By Redchaser

I thought the exact same thing when I saw the new colors. I love my Tibor Everglades, the old original style with the smaller spool and different porting than the current lineup, but even it would look like shit in those fruity colors. Ted must have gotten into some bad weed to ok those fucked up color combos.
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By Mad_Mike
These will go in the category of white sunglasses for me... I fucking love them!

The great thing about white sunglasses/reels, is that you can spot a raging douchebag from hundreds of yards away.. it allows me and the rest of the world to know well ahead of time that I have no need to ever interact with that person on any level ever... Its a public service from Tibor if you really think about it.. we should all be thanking them..

Lets say you get cut off on a flat, but cant really make out who it was... well, when you get back to the ramp and see a dude pulling white fly-reels out from his gunnels you'll know right away who it was.. and if the light is just right you'll probably be able to see this abomination from a good half mile out, gleaming is douchiness out into the atmosphere..

So thank you Tibor... for giving us the tools we need to identify these toolbags... thank you...
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Is it mean that I could care less about the victims, the guy's phone calls to the cops are all worth the crimes.


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