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By castingoutloud
Nice work I love that kind of country. I try to fish it every fall. An under used term I like to think about when I am out there is the "courier du bois" and how they survived and explored and what the wilderness must have been like before google earth and GPS thanks man.
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[report]A show in Philly, downtown at Rittenhouse Square. The boys are already at the Cape. You know how that goes- the fishing will be great, then I get there, it drops off, and I spend a couple days listening to all that I missed.
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I’m torn down and packed up by 8:30. Rumble up the Jug, and off I go.
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Out of Philly with out too much traffic, but NYC- shit. Crazy for a small town boy.

I follow the GPS to the address. 3 am, barely awake. I step out of the van into a clear, cool night. Shit, a cluster of cottages, which one is it? I stand there in the dark, the engine pinging cool. Feels good to stand, listen. There’s a rumble. I wander between a couple cottages, follow the sound. The collective snoring of 5 guys. Once I’m inside, turns out it’s an olfactory experience as well.

The place is tiny, fridge blocked by a cot- the Professor. I could do without the beer.

Bullshit. He wakes up- Tides at 5, you be ready? Probably not, but try me.

There’s no room left.

Yeah. I’ll sleep in the Jug.

A beer on the deck. Back in the Jug.

Feels like 30 seconds later, a tap at the window. I’m up, but I’m a zombie.
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I brought a bunch of rods, but I’m here with an extra purpose. Special flies for a special rod. I rig the skagit.
Morning.jpg (56.96 KiB) Viewed 1179 times
Turns out fishing has been slow the last couple days. The tides are small, the fish spread out. Mostly schoolies.

Magic scored the big fish before I’m here. 34 inches.

A few schoolies show up in the outflow.

I’m shot. Really needing coffee.
FavoriteBreakfastPlace.jpg (72.13 KiB) Viewed 1179 times

Back to the cottage for a nap. Well, ok, I fish instead. I’ll sleep tonight- the night tides are right for sleeping, not fishing.
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We hit my favorite flat for the afternoon tide. I’ve had quiet evenings out here, and a few memorable blitzes. But the few and far between continues this evening.

Fishing is slow, but the more I sling the skagit, the more I like it. A rhythm develops, and it starts to feel like a mantra.
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Beers and early to bed. The drive caught up with me.
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[report]Wake up to a cool rain. Perfect.
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The outgoing slows, the current drops to almost nothing. The schoolies are concentrated, and so are the fishermen.
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The schoolies continue. We begin to wander. And find reminders of possibilities.
DSFK1.jpg (73.15 KiB) Viewed 1178 times
Big Possibilities.
DSFK.jpg (80.57 KiB) Viewed 1178 times
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I’ve caught enough little ones. Where’s the Professor? He’s up for most anything.

We head up the estuary. A kayaker told me yesterday he’d seen a few big fish up stream. We’ll take a shot.
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Tail.jpg (56.83 KiB) Viewed 1178 times
More small fish. But trying something new, exploring, pushing, wandering.
Estuary.jpg (55.09 KiB) Viewed 1178 times
We have one last shot in the morning.
EstuaryInFog.jpg (46.71 KiB) Viewed 1178 times
We drag Magic along, but he didn't have it that day. No more than the Professor or me.
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But a good couple days, fit in where I could fit them. And a promise fulfilled.

I caught a fish. A bunch. Small, but that's not the worth of it.

Barry Lopez wrote, To stick your hands into the river is to feel the cords that bind the earth together in one piece.

It is the current in the water, the wind and weather on my face, and a line in the air that keeps me in touch with the pulse I need to feel in the world.

A pulse that goes on. Forever.
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My part in this is fulfilled. I've got my own spey rig now, practicing and waiting for the fall.

A few things to get together. Then the story continues, the favor goes forward......

Outcast, thanks for inviting me to be part of this.[/report]
By speybait
Great Report. I've only fished for stripers once on Chappy. I need to get back out there.
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[report]Rub the sleep out of the eyes, brush the teeth and put a little deodorant on the outside of the shirt to cover up the smell of the road, climb into a wet pair of waders and hit the highway. A little bit of gas station coffee and some loud rock and roll shoo the cobwebs away. The first run is in view now and it feels good. Coffee tastes better with whiskey and cream.

Stumble down the bank in the dark like a thousand times before and step into the water. It's cold but it feels like home. The first cast lays out and the game is on.

Two steps.

As the sun peeks over the Eastern horizon the cold becomes a little more intense but nothing another shot of whiskey in the coffee won't fix. Water drips from the brim of a beaver felt hat that's seen some tough miles as a weary looking mist rises from the water.

Two steps.

Line hisses through the water and sails through the sky. The mind wanders to far off places but remains very much in the moment. Is it possible to be two places at once? It sure feels like it now.

Two steps.

Not sure if it ever stops raining here but at least the wind is blowing now. Been here 10 hours. The fly has always worked before, just got to know there's a fish there. Can't think there's a fish there, have to know it, believe it.

Two steps.

The sun sets in the Western sky. As the last glimmer of light comes off the water a bolt of electricity runs up the line and into the rod. The surface explodes with a burst of silver. It's worth the wait. In a few minutes it's all over and a hunger overtakes as the high erodes.

Just two more steps......................................................- OC

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Out in tonight's mail. Should be there Monday/Tuesday.

Wish Ryan was here. I'd like to give him shit about creating spey version of The Traveling Pants chic-lit.

Wish he was here anyway.

No time to waste, there's Steel waiting- OC.
You suck in the nicest way possible!!! I'm an envious man.
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By Stovetop
Those are some great stories. Thank you, SLSS, for putting forth the effort. Much respect to you and Outcast :cool
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By West Chester
SLSS wrote:A show in Philly, downtown at Rittenhouse Square.
And no call into WC for beers and boobs ... :wink
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By shunned
sage's birthday bump. :cool
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By MTgrayling
Happy birthday Sage!
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MTgrayling wrote:Happy birthday Sage!
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