All threads that bitch about new, existing, or old members will be posted/relocated here. Keep this shit off the General forum, because no one wants (or cares) to hear your opinions. Now go back to the other forums and post something worthy of reading.
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By Spudnik
LTD wrote:Anyone know how Sage is doing? I asked this question upstairs....but thought I might get a quicker answer down here where many of you who personally knew Outcast hang out.
He's good. And not too hard to find if you know where to look.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
and 10 years later... what do you do?

you whine. you hide. you complain. you blame.
but mostly... you hide as a disguised freedom. you're an embarrassment.

ryan was harder than you.
regardless of what you perceive as an afterthought he was so much more of a man than you.
anyone who can recognise his end of life and purpose owns this world.

fuck your excuses for being. fuck your 'religious right'.
for you're exactly what you claim to despise.

kill yourself.
a few of us might remember next year.
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