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By austrotard
pffft... jacinta hee haw ardern wasn't even there.
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Well boys, I hit one year without a drop of alcohol January 3rd. No AA, no coins, no fucking therapists, no falling off the wagon - just made the decision and stuck with it.Also no preaching nor 'holier than thou' attitude, just me stopping, nothing else. I don't give a shit if people drink, that's their decision. Drinking around me and having booze in the house never was a temptation. Not bragging (well, maybe a little), I just stopped, and don't plan on starting ever again, but will never say never, that is just too much to wrap my head around, the finality of "never".

Tony Alva said it best: "You get to a certain point, and you realize that you're the only one left partying hard"

It was time to grow up.
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By austrotard
I quit smoking again mebbe five years ago but I didn't write down the date. rub my belly.

I couldn't smoke in moderation.
had fuck all to do with my growth.

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Good for you, Poof.

The only reason I know the date is because I drank off the hangover from New Years Eve in 2021, and New Years' resolutions are gay.
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