kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
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By vaku
I'm sure this has been done before, but I am too cranky to look it up.

After a few different set ups, from the kitchen table to the coffee table to a piece of furniture to rolling drawer units and still having no dedicated place to tie, I have decided to take over the extra bedroom that is now used as junk parking.

Just wondering how y'all set up your spaces. folding tables? real tables/desks? shelves on the wall about the desk? rolling shelves next to table? piles of shit all over the table? I'll build whatever I need, just looking for the idea.

right now everything is in plastic bins and i just pull out what i need with the intention of putting it back when i am done, but it rarely makes it back.
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We have too many animals and no space for a dedicated tying area, so I had an old writing desk that I can close the front of, and an IKEA dresser that I put on casters so I can roll it around.

In an ideal situation, I'd put pegboard up high enough the critters couldn't get at it (like above shoulder height), and have most of my stuff on hooks. I can't find shit when I can't see it.
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By Mr. Don
I have decided to take over the extra bedroom that is now used as junk parking.
Don't bother. As soon as you get it it cleaned and functional she will want it back. Trust me on this. I tie on a desk that is where ever she chooses it to be as the mood strikes her. I keep all my stuff in plastic tubs. At least the smell of mothballs annoys her. :smile
desk.JPG (101.53 KiB) Viewed 5074 times
By steelhound
[report]This is where I've been tying for the last few weeks.
My tying desk has turned into a photo studio for flies.
And I'm very anal about being organized with my materials.
Hope I gave you some useful ideas :lol: :lol:[/report]
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By fallen513
Hahahahaha. Tying space.

Good one.
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By southernstrain
First and foremost have a place for you and the dog to nap; it spawns creativity. You'll also notice a few tubs in the background which are good for storing materials you forgot you had and for stacking fly boxes filled with stuff fish don't eat. There is also a storage table to properly display materials you have recently used as well as materials that will taunt into thinking they are better than the materials you have already selected. This too is good for creativity.


Second, select a smaller table as your main tying table. This keeps the pile of shit you use on a regular basis conveniently buried under all sorts of trimmings, empty plastic bags, semi used semi sharp razor blades, and sharp ass hooks you forgot you took out of that hook storage bin you can no longer find. This may sound crazy, but this set up definitely keeps you on your toes. Which in turn allows for creativity. You will also notice lots of bins that used to be labeled correctly at some point in time. Inevitably your parents, mother in law or some friend will show up unannounced and need to stay in the cheap ass bed you and the dogs use for naps. This means stuffing shit wherever you can find room. This tangled mess of materials can be a pain in the ass but man oh man can it lead to some creativity.


There's also a ceramic cup shaped like a zebra somewhere on the tying desk which I use to set my phone in while I'm tying. The shape helps maximize the volume while playing pandora. Pandora is the best because out of nowhere it will play a song you never even knew you wanted to hear, this anticipation of future greatness helps...well you probably get the point
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By fallen513
pile of shit.jpg
pile of shit.jpg (44.28 KiB) Viewed 4942 times
5 of us eat on this table.

I think 5, I quit counting a long time ago.
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By overbrook
I got my ass kicked out of the house a long time advise....start looking around the backyard.
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