Monthly photo contests will be the feature of this forum. Discussions of photographic techniques, gear, software, etc will (hopefully) discussed here.
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By Spicytuna
Walking the Beach in Monterey this weekend
This is a camera or film? Google leads me to believe it could be either.

No, these are just from Oly OM-1 w/ Porta 160 film that I developed and scanned negs w/ a cheap Plustek film scanner. Its like a 4 day process to get this stuff onto the confuser so I dont know why I keep doing it.
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By Tailer
Film, should have been more specific. The super saturated blue-greens reminds me a lot of Agfacolor Pro 200.
I see. I dont think the Porta is ideal for most outdoor picture taking, but Im not going to buy a bunch of different films. Light is real bad in those, real overcast day.

Maybe better light they arent so saturated. I dunno. I just take pictures then huff chemicals like a sucker.

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By Nemeth
It's Magic!
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