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By TX.
What the hell?
I have a gazillion (shitty) pictures on two laptops, a pad and phone.

When (if) they all make it to you guys file under species, date, or what?
What works best?

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By yard4sale
Not ghey

I usually find my shit by date. I do save big trips under specific names like "the time that southern freaker pissed on my stove".

Speaking of, anybody heard from Loco lately? Miss that guy.
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By austrotard

ticks, do your shit by date.

confession: I seriously find all my information here.

q: now when the fuck did I build that addition?

a: that's right, I remember having a chat with fucko about how batshit crazy she was down in the new gear thread. and there it is; january 13th.

my own private drake rolodex.
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By NeedmoreDEET
How serious are you about your digital pics? The best thing I've done is purchase a subscription to Adobe Lightroom (plus Photoshop CS) which lets you meta-tag each picture with multiple keywords for later sorting (among other things).I hate the idea of a monthly charge, but it seems to be where a lot of software companies are going.

I set up folders by year with subfolders by month and day (2015/2015-11-19) so everything sorts chronologically.

There are some free alternatives, but I'm not familiar with them.
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By vaku
hey Scott, I don't check in here often.

This is what I do. Each 'shoot', for me literally, each shoot gets a unique name. So, if we went musky fishing not he french broad today, that shoot would be called, 02.03.16.musky.frenchbroad

I would make a folder with this name. Then in that folder I make 3 other folders with the same names but with these 3 extensions - .rawfiles, .selects, .jpgselects ( you can probably skip the .rawfile steps since you'll be shooting .jpgs )

Then I import each and every shot into the .rawfiles folder I then use a program called photo mechanic ( you can also do this in a number of other programs such as lightroom or adobe bridge ) to rename each file/photo with the '02.03.16.musky.frenchbroad' and a unique number like this 02.03.16.musky.frenchbroad.001, 02.03.16.musky.frenchbroad.002, 02.03.16.musky.frenchbroad.003 etc etc etc

Then I give each a generic caption like "fishing with Scott and socks on the french broad. 3 muskies were caught. Socks got drunk." and apply it to EVERY photo.

Then I edit out the ones I like best and copy them to the selects.

Then I import the selects folder into lightroom and convert them to jpgs and work on them a little. Then I save them into the .jpgselects folder at a full sized #12 100% jpg. If you need them to be smaller then resize them and save into a folder called .jpgselects.small

I then run them all thru photoshop and an unshaped mask action.

This gives you a 'meter' or raw file that is 100%original and of every shot you took. It gives you a folder of selects that makes the re-editing easy and it gives you a folder of the jpgs. Every one is already captioned and all share the same number. So if you know you need 02.03.16.musky.frenchbroad.138 in a different size or better color or whatever, you can go right back to the corresponding .raw file ( or untouched .jpg file )

and i then back them all up to 3 separate hard drives. 2 set up as a RAID0 and one stand alone drive. Storage is cheap, you can get a 1tb drive for under 100$

that is my workflow.

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By NeedmoreDEET
Awesome information PT.

Can you give up another piece of info? How much USM would you typically use on a Canon 5DMkII full size jpeg?
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By vaku
NeedmoreDEET wrote:Awesome information PT.

Can you give up another piece of info? How much USM would you typically use on a Canon 5DMkII full size jpeg?
Each raw file is about runs about 30meg and each jpg is about 20 meg when saved. when opened the jpgs are 63meg

I can get about 570 raw files on a 16gig card

is that what you mean?
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By NeedmoreDEET
Sorry for not being clearer - went off on a tangent. When sharpening full size Canon 5D JPEGs how much unsharpmask (USM) or smart sharpening do you use?
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By Ginseng Sullivan
yep can't stress the dating the folder and every photo thing enough. after years of trying a name based filing system i switched to the date and now i can find any parent folder in like three days vs three months. if you can also add in vaku's naming system as well you're all set.

usually whatever program you DL them off the card with should allow dating the folder and the individual photos therein. later when you want the big file of the web copy you'll know where to find it.

folder = 2-26-16
file = 2-26-16.dsc.0001
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