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By ak_powder_monkey
Anyone know a good supplier for (sorta) bulk (25-50) printing custom calendars that I could then turn around and sell?

Looks like the cheapest I can find is like $10 per (of dubious quality), was hoping wondering if anyone has done this and has some tips....
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By west_jay
Nobody is going to waste your time printing that quantity.
I used to be in the business.

Print them yourself.
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By PGflyfisher
25 to 50 is nowhere near "bulk".

I did some research into this a while back and unless you are printing 500 or more you don't see any significant price breaks. I found that the paper tended to be the biggest determining factor in price. If it is something you plan to sell you need good paper as well excellent image quality. Based on the quotes I received, I needed to buy and sell over 1000 calendars in order of make $1 profit per calendar.

If this is your retirement plan, I'd rethink it.
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By D-nymph
Awww, Powder Monkey is giving away calendars with his photos for Christmas! How cute! :coffee
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By Lando
I ordered one for the office. Thanks, FSB.
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By fallen513
MPIX dude. The math is easy, just charge twice what you pay.

$5 seppo, fucko.
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By austrotard
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