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By SA Guy
Looks like fun Patrick, it's a pity you didn't make contact with me earlier, you could have had pretty amazing fishing in there as well! You guys got lucky with all the leopard sightings! :cool
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By PatrickBateman
Ya SA GUY guy wish we had connected earlier for sure. The people in Nmemba Island seemed to not be very accommodating to fishermen. I surmised they have a bit of an understanding with the locals that they will dive but leave the locals to fish, as we got some angry fist waves from local fishermen the one morning we went out on the boat with the fly rods.

Londolozi lodge is pretty famous for their leopards.. its amazing!! We will be back in Londolozi in July or June 2015 and 2016. Ill be sure to drop you a message. Also have a trip to the seychelles booked in 2016!! The only thing that could get in the way would be a baby coming into our life around the same time.

:smile :smile :smile

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