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By tailchaser
you're like a fucking battered fucking wife that just can't leave.
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By tailchaser
I just went back and reread this whole thread... whatta fuckin gem this one was. about as sophomoric as it gets but some damn funny shit.

Glad douchey bumped this one back up.
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By yard4sale
LenH1 wrote: Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:08 am AndyNpanarama.JPG
Why in the world would you wade this creek?
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[quote=pbrstreetgang post_id=682314 time=1510168732 user_id=18353]

the fish handling techniques here are amazing.

Len addressed his fish release skills on page 4 of this thread, with this video as the inspiration.

"Back he goes!"
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By pbrstreetgang
Living in the same region as this jackass is reason enough to repost this video every now and again. His dipshitery knows no bounds, and is only further fueled by his own delusions of being a helpful proponent of the angling world in general.
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