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By Lando
It’s getting colder......
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By Lando
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By LA Fly Guy
Lando wrote: Tue Oct 15, 2019 9:50 am That picture is upside-down, BTW.
Yeah, but what if I need one to swim from left to right?
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By Lando
Cast more souther....

A little snack
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By Lando
This guy ate that perch colored jobber......
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By fatman
strong like bull...
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By Lando
Todd got a good one the day after I left....I head back in a week and a half. I’ll be worthless for those 10 days.
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By Lando
The girl got into the action as well. She had a cow follow ten minutes into fishing....she casted hard for another five hours before finally hooking up.
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By Lando
I leave this afternoon for four days of chasing pike. I hope they are nibbling....
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