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I thought it was too easy to go the other route, with the rod turning into a's what everyone would expect. I usually don't do requests anyway, and therein lies the problem. I was mashing a round peg in a square hole to begin with.

I didn't expect to be called less creative for trying something other than the obvious. I do see, however, the "dickhead" angle. This was not my intent, however.

Whoa whoa whoa. I just looked at the pic after I posted the above response. Shit. The cock, mixed with the load hairstyle, underside may not be my best work, but it's definitely original. I even left the sunglasses on.

I don't think I've ever drawn a person's head/neck as the cock.... although I may be wrong.

Everyone's a fucking critic.

Lost mojo? Expected more?

Suck on these.
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RFA for a standpoint of technical skill, yes just turning the head into the big throbber, whilst leaving the rod, sunglasses and everything else in place is great, but if part of the point of the dick drawings is the mortification of the subject, turning the head into a dick hides his identity and thusly hides his shame.
I feel like the first, real picture would be the most embarrassing. The juxtaposition of the “I’m a badass with arm sleeve tattoos “ and that shirt is worse than being painted as a dickhead. The gray hair with the stupid soul patch and black earrings is just icing on the cake.
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