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By Lando
We went down the day after the turkey feast....cold ass water made for tough fishing. A few grabs, a few follows, and no fish mean this season is done.

It was quite enjoyable.
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I’ll spend this winter going through flies and trying to outpost Scott. I can’t wait for spring.
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By Lando
Pike fishing is done, so I’ve switched gears and am after trophy whitefish.

Game and fish has started a program called the Master Angler. If you catch a species of fish above the “trophy” mark, take a photo, submit the fish to G/F, and they will add your name to a list and give you a sticker. If you get 5, something special happens, and if you get ten, you’re a Ultimate or something.

The girl wants to do it on a fly, and she has been kicking ass. Coincidently, the whitefish is listed and only has to be 16” to qualify. So the hunt began....

I found trout first....stupid fucking Browns.....
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With daylight running out, I stopped by whitefish Valhalla. My second drift brought a nice 18” trophy.
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I went and grabbed the girl....her second drift got a 19.6” thug. A little skinny, but putting weight on after the spawn. A beautiful species and another sticker for the lady.
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I was really hoping this would take longer. I guess I need to find a cutt, brown, and tiger over the winter.
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By Lando
I went to SD this past weekend. Fred’s flies always pick up a dink or two there.
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By Lando
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By Lando
Storm came in......
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By Lando
I’ve been getting a lot of help from others when it comes to flies. Fred has been so generous and Matt G has been quite helpful sharing his adaptive fly secrets…..

Both gents contributed to this weekend’s success.
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By Lando
The weather has been changing and the big girls are starting to show up in the shallows......
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It was a busy weekend.
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By fatman
strong stuff, Lando, yer getting that toothy game dialed :smile
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