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By 421sd
....if you please.
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Lost one of my local crew today. Patfish beat a couple of bouts of cancer only to have his treatments eventually kill his brain. Patfish wasn't a Draker, or even a lurker as far as I know, but he fished with several of the Missouri Drake gang. His off-about-half-a-click perspective on life always kept us all laughing, while sometimes scratching our heads. He didn't give fuck if he caught fish, he just wanted to hang with his buds. Love ya Patfish, save us a good fishing hole on the other side.
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Sorry to hear, I just lost a very good friend to brain cancer a few weeks ago. It started as blurred vision when he was biking, and it was all over in a year.

Shunned is correct, cancer does suck.
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By Transylwader
My condolences, indeed, fuck cancer. Sip poured.
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By trouthound
Damn..sip poured. The older I get, and I’m only 51, the more this insidious thing creeps into my life. Be it here, or my wife(recovered), my dad(still kicking and fishing) or my best buddies pop. Fucking cancer.
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By fatman
peace, 421. Hope he finds happy creekin'
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By woolly bugger
sorry for your loss, sip poured
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By cool manchu
If i remember correctly, that pic of Pat in the drift boat was early in the day because I believe we had to strap him to the seat to keep him from falling out by lunchtime. Pat was a one of the good ones. A guy who worked hard and played hard. His infectious laugh will be missed.
We'll put some in the boat for ya this year. :cool
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By McH
Sip poured

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