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By peetso
Average Joe wrote: Fri Aug 14, 2020 2:30 pm That was beautiful. Your TR's never disappoint.

This past winter Pancho Rancho suggested we pay you a visit.

Maybe next year.
Haven't heard from him in quite some time, tell him to give me a shout next time you talk to him.
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By pxatim
Outstanding! :cool :cool

We pick up our Brit pup in 4 weeks. Thanks for the brief look into the future. Keep it coming!
By chadroc
fantastic. all about this, especially the song. viva last blues with steve albini at the wheel is an amazing album, and new partner is a mantra song for me since the first time i ever heard it. thanks for reminding me. then again, its my bad for forgetting it.

"the loons on the moor
and the fish in the flow
and my friends, my friends, they all whisper hello
we all know what we know
its a hard swath to mow
when you think like a hermit
you forget what you know"
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By LA Fly Guy
Late to the party on this one.

Fine job there peetso. Fine job.
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By Fishwater
LA Fly Guy wrote:Late to the party on this one.

Fine job there peetso. Fine job.

My oldest (9yo) today asked me if our next dog could be a bird dog. (We currently have a big old rescued Belgian Tervuren). We had a pair of setters when was very young that have been gone for quite some time now.
Brought a tear to my eye when he broached the subject. Something special about a bird dog. Thanks for that TR.
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