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By K_P
Ruddy Duck wrote: Mon Oct 21, 2019 9:55 am
There are some fragile sections, particularly around the nose. I'm surprised a pressure washer doesn't damage them.

I pay a taxadermist to clean and mount on a plaque because it is very cheap and I'm a yuppy.
The pressure washer almost certainly is breaking away fragile bone around the nose/sinus area.

I've boiled many euro mount skulls over the years. To get out the brains, a length of piano wire or a wire coat hanger inserted at the base of the skull where the spinal column enters the brain cavity can get the brain matter out without too much difficulty.

However, where I've been frustrated is the de-greasing that then must occur. Simmering the skull in ammonia, allowing it to cool so the oil/grease/fat can be skimmed off the surface, and then subsequent re-boils/degreasing cycles has only yielded so-so results. My taxidermist uses dry cleaning solvent with *much* better results.

Lastly, the hydrogen peroxide needs to be high-octane stuff. I use the 40 volume stuff that you can get from cosmetologists. It's a thick cream like shampoo that you mix with a powder. It foams up like shaving cream. Slop a bunch of that on the de-greased bone, put it in a plastic bag overnight, and rinse it off after work the next day. Super results-- *IF* the grease has been effectively removed.

As for your neighbor, it sounds like a public health concern. That much rotting flesh washing down the gutter or worse, laying around the yard, is gonna start to stink...

Good luck. It sounds like he's clueless on many levels.

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By Mad_Mike
Just killed an 8point.. my processor does euro mounts... so i'm letting her do it... I too am a yuppie I guess..
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By 421sd
It's a shitshow no matter how you do it. Unless you pay someone else, and then it's their shitshow.

I always boil mine and pick away the soft junk. Never thought the power washing sounded like a good idea. Stinky mess, but they look cool when you're done. :gun :Roll Eyes :bullshit :vomit :cool
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By Adams
fatman wrote: Fri Oct 18, 2019 5:34 pm
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote: Fri Oct 18, 2019 4:38 pm The best method is to have Beatles clean the skull, preferably someone else’s Beatles as they stink.

Alternatively, bury it for a while or string it up between two trees — take a lot longer.

How many skulls is this guy cleaning? I think you’re supposed to boil the skull to get most of the meat off and THEN pressure wash. If he is out there trying pressure wash a single head for 3-5 hours he may, in fact, be simple.

I used to know a guy in Missouri that offered the beetle service, he kept them in an old feezer in a shed at the back of his property. A lot more reasonable than a full skin mount.

If you remove the skin and boil the meat, it comes off fairly easily....the brains are another matter, it's almost impossible to get them 100%...and then they eventually stink....

I tried putting a skull on an ant pile years ago, but something came along and carried it off....
A power washer cuts a ton of time out of the process and works great as long as you are careful around the nasal bones. But it takes like 10 minutes tops early in the process. Maybe your neighbor just wants to piss you off.

Boiling them in borax and baking soda works great to loosen up the flesh and cut through the fat. Power wash pretty early in the process to get as much residual meat off. The trick to removing the brain is getting it out in one piece. If you break it apart it is a pain to get all the bits out. Hit it with the high octane peroxide at the end if you really want to whiten them up. The borax and baking soda alone work pretty well at getting a good white skull.
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By BigTimber
4 weeks ago this fuckstick started this shit and now I have finally had it. I confronted him this morning and he is indeed too simple to know he is simple. He is running a business and business is good what with the new law banning transporting the brains out of state. We debated about the different ways to achieve the mounts and he prefers to pressure wash after each of three boiling processes. And he apparently does not care about breaking away any bone. And, oh, I'm an asshole. sorry.
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By sarmulminnow
I do so feel your pain...'just business', find a town ordinance (home businesses) about noxious sound/smells or the sharing of animal waste. Our town addresses this with respect to meat processing, sort of. and you can do most anything here, good luck he sounds like a gem
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