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By Palometa
Good work Tim! Looks like a great trip and glad you bumped into fish on the second half
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By fallen513
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Thanks for the invite, JERKOFFTTTHHHH!!!

I was on the Cape 2 weeks ago, and I got to watch my son experience his first true striper blitz. Fish 5 feet off the wash, seagulls in your face....complete chaos, and we were the only people within view. My first cast resulted in a 20" striper, and a blue razored my son's softbait in half about 10 minutes in (calm down purists, it's better to have him catch fish on a lightweight spin setup than get frustrated and watch, he just turned 11, and a 9 wt with a stripping basket with 3 foot waves is a lot to contend with). We were pulling fish out every 3rd cast for the better part of 45 minutes. Every fish was 20"s plus, which isn't anything to write home about, but enough to get on the reel and bend the rod.

The only bad thing about that morning? He expected that to happen every time we went out for the rest of the trip, running down the beach towards every single, disinterested seagull. Listening to him chatter about how hard they hit and how it's his new favorite fish was great.
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