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By fatman
fine installments this week gents :smile
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By Da Ax
I normally don't take pics when fishing, nor is it Friday but there is this that I could not pass up from this past weekend.
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By Obie
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By burgerthumb
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By Redchaser
Cheer indeed
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By DanOver
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The pointing god is coming along.

Pheasant with criminal mushrooms, onion, garlic and wine.
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By Obie
Not through pics, but cheer nonetheless:
David Lesh agreed to a compromise on Oct. 2 that allowed him to enter U.S. Forest Service lands if he followed the same rules as everyone else. But after he flouted that agreement 19 days later by posting a picture on Instagram of himself defecating in Maroon Lake, U.S. Magistrate Gordon Gallagher lowered the boom.

As of Friday, Lesh, 35, is, for the foreseeable future, banned from entering millions of acres of U.S. Forest Service lands because of the photo posted on Oct. 21, Gallagher said. ... and-aspen/

I'm definitely hoping to pinch loafs on his doorstep at the earliest possible convenience.
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By The Po Thead
Fly fishing’s done for the season, but there’s still kings in the salt.



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