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By Rich Farino

Well endowed playa (well endowed, of course).. seeks dirty ho to sip Crystal... and have her ass teared up. I like long walks on the beach, nights in front of the fireplace, and sushi.

More normal shit coming shortly.
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By fallen513
If we ain't friends on the facesook, well then...
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By Da Ax
Rich, my boss down at your new place not too long ago. Hope this works out.

I'll be seein' you at the film thingy next week. I'll be the dude with the white carnation in the collar and a dirty Suk t-shirt...that should narrow it down to a few dozen to choose from.
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By austrotard
imagine how much better off I'd be if'n I owned a fly shop... I could've earned like a hundred bucks today.

by the by, I prefer those who brag about their paper round.
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By ironman
Rich Farino wrote: Fri Mar 30, 2018 2:46 pm Should I bother finishing this?
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By K_P
Not that Rich needs my endorsement, but he's the real deal.

Fuckin' Austrians--no manners whatsofuckingever.

It's a word, and I'm keeping my fiver.
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